Sunday, August 30, 2015

How to Calculate the Cost of a Website (8 Steps)

Select a website design service (if you do not intend to build the site yourself) and discuss your website needs and a price for the design. The more customization you desire, the higher the price will be. Make a note of the total cost of the site creation and ensure that the designer includes in the price a couple of weeks or months for tweaking and correction. If you want to design your own website, skip this step.
Select website design software, and make a note of the price. Website design software ranges in price from hundreds of dollars for software used mainly by skilled designers to very low-cost software, used mainly by amateurs or beginners. You might be able to find free website design software that suits your purposes if you want a basic, information-only website.
Determine whether you will use a pre-built template for your website or design your site from scratch. Some website building software comes with free templates. Other software offers more elaborate templates for a fee. Once you select your design software, check the availability of templates and determine a price for a template, if you want to use one.
Select royalty-free art for your website, if you want custom artwork. If you're designing your website from scratch, you need artwork to make it more attractive. Because most business people are not graphic artists, purchasing royalty-free artwork is the best option for a custom website look. Record the price of all the art you want for your website.
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