Sunday, August 30, 2015

How to Sell Websites to Local Businesses (8 Steps)

Contact businesses in your community and ask if they have a website. If so, visit their sites. Make notes about each site's look (whether or not you like it and why), navigability (how easy it is for visitors to find information) and its content (whether the information provided is engaging and gives a distinctive perspective on the company).
Check the phone book to gauge the size of the business's ads. This is a good indication of how it approaches advertising and how much it spends. Create a sample website implementing the improvements you have noted.
Check the phone book to gauge how businesses without websites advertise. Visit these businesses and take brochures back with you. Create a sample website for each business based on the brochures.
Research the latest statistics regarding website use (impact on consumers, best ways to attract consumers, fiscal advantages for businesses and so on). Create a proposal that includes your notes, website samples, statistics, website costs (factoring in the costs for Web hosting and basic search engine marketing), information about you and your company, companies you have designed websites for and testimonials from these companies.
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