Monday, August 31, 2015

How to Download an FTP Site (4 Steps)

Secure server space to host your website and collect content you would like to be posted on your site. Now you are ready to transfer your files from your computer to the Web server space via FTP. Download Filezilla from the Web. Filezilla is a free FTP program which is downloaded onto your computer for use in connecting your computer files to your chosen server or Web host. The FTP upload of files to your website is often referred to as the 'back end' of Web design, as you are working 'behind the scenes', so to speak.
Once you have downloaded the Filezilla program, open it on your computer. Enter the required information for the transfer, including your website host's Web address, the port being used for the transfer, the server type, your Web address for the new site, and your account information -- including your password -- for the server. You may need to refer to your own records and/or make contact with your server for some of this information. Once you have entered this information into Filezilla, hit Enter, and it will connect you to the server which will host your site.'>
Once connected to your server's site via Filezilla, you will see your computer's files on the left side of the screen and the website files on the right side. Right-click a cursor over the file on the left you want to transfer, and then drag it over to the right side area of the screen where the server files are, then take your finger off the cursor. Name the file/page by entering the file or page name into the box that appears. Hit enter, and you now have a page visible to the public posted onto your website.'>
Name each page or file that you transfer via FTP with name patterns, lest you lose track of what is where within your Web directory shell. Too many files without organization makes an unmanageable site. I name all photo files in my website's directory with the prefix of 'photo' so I know it is a photo file. For instance, I would use photobeach.jpg instead of beach.jpg. Eventually, this will give you neat sections of your web directory with groupings such as photos, banners, videos and documents.'>
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