Monday, August 31, 2015

How to Teach an Online Course using WordPress

Develop your content for the course. You can follow the instructions in my related article, How to Develop a Training Course (link in Resources below) or follow your own template for curriculum design. It is important to create the entire course in a word processing program first. The entire course will consist of reading assignments, links to Websites, discussion questions, detailed instructions for assignments and instructions for the instructor on how and when to post various components of the course.
Open a new blog on (link in resources below) or other free blog hosting site. Create the first page of the blog. This will be the landing page for your students so include the course description here as well as instructions about how to access the remainder of the course. The content on this page is considered to be static, it should not change after the course starts.
When you are on the editing site for this first page there are some things to remember to do:
Password protect the page. This is to make sure that no-one can access the site without your permission (and without paying tuition).
Turn off the comments part of the page. You do not want students to comment here. You want to contain the comments in specific pages set up for discussion.
Post your photo and contact information on this first page, which is usually called the Home page of the blog.
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