Sunday, August 30, 2015

How to Organize an Employee Appreciation Luncheon

Organize the luncheon in the break or conference room so employees can come and go if they need to take calls or complete other work-related tasks. However, consider holding it during a slow period so the staff will be able to enjoy themselves without neglecting their projects and duties. You can also host it at the end of a half day so they can stay as long as they'd like.
Let the staff vote on the type of food you'll serve. Choose a few local restaurants and pass around the menu of the 'winning' eatery so employees can order their favorite dishes. You can also have lunch catered by a local Italian, Chinese or Indian food establishment if you need to organize it quickly.
Give a short speech to thank the staff. Discuss the specific project or financial report that led you to hold the luncheon and single out any employees and managers that contributed the most leadership, staff support or innovative ideas. Also present a brief update on the company's current status, the climate of the industry and news of upcoming projects and contracts.
Take the opportunity to present annual merit awards or give recognition to staff members with the highest sales or customer satisfaction ratings, for example.
Plan activities like company trivia or a 'Who Am I' guessing game in which you list the lesser-known duties of a staff member to see who can figure it out first. Award small gift cards to local eateries or office supply stores to the winners.
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