Sunday, August 30, 2015

How to Host a Murder Mystery Party for Kids (8 Steps)

Find a pre-conceived murder mystery game. These can be found online, where they can be downloaded and printed, or in stores. Download the game and print out the materials.
Review the materials carefully. As the party's host, you are the only person who will have all the facts--each child will be playing a different character in the story, so be prepared and remember which character knows what.
Prepare costumes for each character. These do not have to be elaborate---just a memorable accessory, like a hat, will suffice. Prepare name tags, as well, to help the children remember who is playing who.
Decorate the room with any props that may be indicated in the instructions or that you think are befitting of the characters. Play some moody, foreboding music.
Greet party guests with costumes, name tags and character information--each child starts out with a particular set of information about her character.
Introduce the mystery by announcing what has 'happened,' and telling the children they will be taking part in an investigation.
Distribute clue cards. The game is divided into rounds. In each round, you are to distribute clue cards that give the players more information and move the story along. When they have the new information, they are to mingle with each other and share what they know--or try to conceal it.
Celebrate when the game has ended and praise the children for solving the mystery.
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