Monday, August 31, 2015

How to Change Web Hosting Service Providers (6 Steps)

Do your homework when deciding which host to move your website to. Moving your site to a new host is a lot of work so you don't want to have to do it too often. Choose a new web host that offers room for expansion if your business grows.
Give yourself plenty of time to make the change over to the new host. Even though it means one month of double expenses, it is a good idea to start services with your new host one month before discontinuing services with your old host. This will give you 30 days to work out any problems at the new site.
Pack up your business at your current hosting site by making copies of all of your web pages and files on CD. Arrange to have services you were using and don't need any more to be disconnected at the end of the month.
Notify your domain name registrar of your move. This is the company that you registered your ecommerce site name with. They need to know the domain name and IP address for both your old web host and your new one.
Set up your site at your new web host by uploading all of the pages and files you packed onto CD. Start any new services that you need in your new home.
Notify your customers of your new email address if it changed when you moved to the new hosting site. Set up mail forwarding with your new web host to ensure that any mail sent to your old email address will be forwarded.
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