Sunday, August 30, 2015

How to set up a webcam (hosted and using FTP)

PURCHASE A WEB CAM:I described that you could use a PnP (Plug and Play) webcam in my first article, but for this operation, you will probably want to consider a little better web cam. You can still use a PnP camera at first, but you will want to upgrade as time goes on. I would recommend the use of the $50 - $70 Logitech webcams for this operation.
INSTALL THE WEBCAM SOFTWARE:Once you have your camera, install the software that comes with it. READ the instructions for installing your webcam onto your local computer. Troubleshoot as needed for setup.
FTP DELIVERY SYSTEM OVERVIEW: In my basic webcam set up article, I discussed the use of a free hosting provider or the use of Yahoo, AOL, MSN, or SKYPE. However if you have your own webserver, there are two main ways to deliver your webcam content to your website and server:1) FTP (File Transfer Protocol) to your website and your webserver that you host with. We will discuss this option in this article. 2) Set up an in-house server that uses webcam software to stream your images. I am not going to discuss this option in this article.
DOWNLOAD WEBCAM FTP SOFTWARE:This method assumes that you know how to use an FTP program to publish your website already. There is a lot of free software out there that you can use to set up an FTP link to your hosting provider for your webcam. A few webcams come with free webcam software that you can also use. I recommened that you look into using Webcam32, (trial version, then purchase) TinCam (trial version and purchase) or ConquerCam (trial version and purchase). You can also do a Google search for other software programs available and free software available.Which ever one you decide to use, download it and install it on your computer. Set up your webcam as instructed in the directions of the software.
SET UP YOUR WEBCAM FTP ACCOUNT:Alright, so now we will set up the FTP information so that your images and video can get online! Depending on the software you downloaded, you may have a built-in web page builder or you will have to create a video wrapper on your web page. I will not explain that here, so you can look this up on Google. You will need to have a basic knowledge of html to understand how to do this. Build a test web page for this purpose on your site.
TEST THE CAMERA:Once you have set up your FTP account, you can now test the WebCam and see if it is saving data out to your FTP account and your test webpage. Congratulations if it is working correctly, if not, check your code on your HTML page, and also check the FTP information you provided to the software.
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