Saturday, August 29, 2015

How to Put a Slideshow on My Website (7 Steps)

Open the slideshow software program on your computer. Go to 'Start' and click 'Programs.' Select your slideshow software program.
Import the media into your slideshow software. Arrange the images and photos that you want featured. Select the 'Upload' function in your software. Upload the photos and images into the application.
Arrange the images and photos in the order you want. Add 'Transitions' and effects to enhance the slideshow.
Save the slideshow to your computer.
Log in to your website server. Enter your username and password to gain access. Select your website's hosting location. Open your website's file folder utility. Select the saved slideshow on your computer. Upload the slideshow to your website hosting files.
Log in to the administration panel of your website. Enter the username and password to access the backend. Click the embed button to copy the slideshow code. Paste the embed code into the website. This links the slideshow from the server to the site. Save the website settings.
Click the slideshow presentation on your website to test and view.
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