Monday, August 31, 2015

How to Publish a Web Site in Asp.Net

Obtain from your web hosting company the necessary information to use FTP (File Transfer Protocol) to upload your files as well as the correct connection string(s) to access a database that is part of your website.
Upload your website files to your web host using FTP. Include the web pages, any image files or other web content files related to the new site.
Replicate any database schema and tables that are part of your website to the web host's database server. Do this either by developing the database on the web hosting company's database server if allowed or with the Database Publishing Wizard that is part of Visual Web Developer (installed with ASP.NET).
Update the web.config file that was uploaded as part of Step 1 so that the database connection string will point to the web host's database server rather than the location on your own PC. This may involve several connection strings if the website includes complications such as additional systems, membership pages, and roles (Admin, Full User or Limited Use, for example).
Test all connections and features of the hosted website for functionality. Correct any bugs or non-working parts on the local computer and then upload the corrected web pages.
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