Sunday, August 30, 2015

How to Start a Review Website (8 Steps)

Decide on a topic to review. Choose a topic that you are interested in or have expertise in to help with writing reviews.
Decide how the website will be hosted. A host is the location that your website will be stored. There are free hosting options offered by some websites with a variety of available options. For a more permanent option, consider purchasing a domain name and web hosting for a monthly fee.
Decide how you will build the website. If you have web development experience and wish to create the website by hand, search for helpful tutorials in HTML coding and CSS styling to aid you in development. If you are new to creating web content, consider using a website with tutorials for creating free websites.
Plan the features your website will provide. Some features a review website may have could include forums for users to discuss reviews or, for a movie review example, discuss other movies and post requests for other reviews. A review site could have video clips and an image gallery related to the review topic.
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