Saturday, August 29, 2015

How to be a good host for houseguests

Know when your guests are coming and how long they will stay. Clear your calendar to make sure you can spend plenty of time with them. Ideally, try to have someone in your home who can accompany them at all times. If this is not possible, try to have a car available for them in case they want to explore the area on their own or run an errand.
Stock up: A good host has well-fed guests. Find out what your guests can and cannot eat and which foods they enjoy the most. For breakfast, standard fare usually suffices: eggs, coffee, toast and so forth. For lunch, sandwiches are generally fine. Save your guest's favorite dishes for dinner. Party food (tacos, pizza, etc.) can make for a great and simple dinner.
Clean up: Having guests is a great reason to straighten up the house. This is the time to recycle the pile of mail and magazines on the kitchen table, scrub the tub, mop the floors and vacuum the rugs.
Mind the animals: Make sure you know whether your guests have pet allergies. If so, find out how strong they are and plan accordingly. With mild allergies, it will do to vacuum thoroughly and keep the animal away from the guest. But if your guest has a strong pet allergy, it may be necessary to confine the animal or have it stay somewhere else for the time being.
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