Monday, August 31, 2015

How to Create a New Account for a New Domain in WHM

Log into WHM. You will need your username and password.
Click the Create a New Account link from the Account Functions menu.
Enter the domain name into the Domain field, and the username into the UserName field. The UserName field will initially default to a name based on the domain you enter, but you may change it if you wish.
Enter a password into the Password field, and the disk quota into the Quota field. The Quota field, measured in MegaBytes, controls how much hard-disk space the new account is allotted.
Decide whether to allow CGI access, Shell access and FrontPage extensions, then check the respective boxes accordingly.
Decide on limits for the following boxes and enter values for each in the text field for each: Max FTP Accounts, Max Email Accounts, Max Email Lists, Max SQL Databases and Max Sub Domains.
Enter the maximum bandwidth for the account (in MegaBytes) into the Bandwidth Limit field.
Click 'Create.'
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