Sunday, August 30, 2015

How to Embed Audio in HTML

Choose an audio file. You can use an mp3 or .wav file. If you do not have an audio file, make one using any one of the freeware or shareware programs available on the Web.
Upload the audio file to your webserver. Select the file to play on your website and make sure it is in the same directory as your website. To play an audio file on a blog that is hosted on a different server, upload the audio file to a free Web hosting company.
Embed the audio file. Copy and paste the following code onto your website:
Replace the 'myaudio.mp3' with the name of your audio file. Keep the quotation marks. This not only embeds the audio, but also creates a player that allows you to turn the audio on and off.
Embed the audio file onto your blog. Change the file name in the code to the complete URL where the audio file is located. For example, using the following:
Change the name of 'myaudio.mp3' to the full URL address where your mp3 is located. The embed code will create a music player.
Adjust volume, height and width settings to match your blog or website. A width setting of '144' is recommended.
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