Sunday, August 30, 2015

How to Make Money at Home Using Web Design (8 Steps)

Open a web hosting account for your business. Choose an account type that allows you to host several sites on one account, since you'll need to do this to design websites for companies.
Buy a web domain for your business. Choose a professional name for the domain that clearly states who you are or that you are a web designer. For example, choose '' or ',' not ''
Put your web design skills to work making your website look professional and informative of the services you provide. Refer to web design manuals to learn the most up-to-date skills to impress potential clients.
Contact businesses in your area that don't currently have websites to convince them of the value of an Internet presence, namely that they can access more potential customers. Refer them to your website to show them what you can do.
Estimate how long it would take you to design a website for the company, according to what the client requests. If you'll also have to maintain the website, estimate how much time it will take you to do that each month. Determine a price for your services based on this and quote it to the client. Require a portion of your fee upfront to protect yourself in the event that the client refuses to pay you for the website when you finish.
Contact your web hosting company to set up a website for the client on your account. Choose a domain name that the company agrees to and that won't confuse the public as to whose website it is. (For example, avoid a domain like '' for Tito's Mexican Restaurant if there is a local restaurant called Tito's Tacos.) Set up login information for this website that is different from your main website to allow the client to log in, if necessary.
Design the website according to the client's requests, checking in as you work to make sure that you're going in the right direction. Do as much work as possible to prevent confusion on the client's part when you turn the website over to him. For example, install an online store with categories already in place in case your client doesn't know how to make store categories.
Deliver the website login information to your client, along with instructions for use. Collect the remainder of your payment. If you'll be maintaining the website for the client, provide a written notice of how much money he will owe you each month for your services.
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