Monday, August 31, 2015

How to Change OWA Web Addresses (10 Steps)

Access the Windows desktop on the server hosting OWA.
Click 'Start,' click 'Run,' type 'inetmgr' (minus the quotes) into the Run dialog box and press 'Enter' to open IIS Manager on the Windows server. This method will work no matter which version of Windows server you are using.
Right-click the 'Sites' folder within IIS Manager and click 'Add Web Site.'
Type in the site name. This can be whatever you would like but should be easily recognizable to you. For example, 'Outlook Web Access' would clearly indicate the purpose of the site.
Click 'Select' next to the Application Pool dialog box.
Choose 'MSExchangeOWAAppPool' from the drop-down list and click 'OK.'
Browse to the physical path of OWA in the Physical Path box by clicking 'Browse.' Your OWA physical path is selected when initially installing Microsoft Exchange.
Choose 'https:' under the Type selection box. You can leave the IP address as 'All Unassigned,' and you can leave the port as 80. This is the default web port address.
Enter a host name. This is your new OWA URL, so choose carefully and do not neglect the 'www,' should you choose to have a 'www.'
Ensure that 'Start Web site immediately' is checked and press 'OK.'
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