Saturday, August 29, 2015

How to Add Ads to My Web Page (6 Steps)

Make sure your web host will let you put ads on the page. Some free web hosting providers already have their own ads on the page or will not allow you to put Javascript on the page. If you can’t put ads on your existing web page, you will need to switch to another web hosting provider.
Join an advertising program. Write down your username and password; you will need them each time you sign in to the program website.
Log into the advertising program website and set up your account. Read the support pages to learn how to generate HTML code for ads and to select the types and sizes of ads you want to display on your web page.
Generate and copy the HTML code for an ad or ad group. You can copy the code by selecting the code and then choosing “Copy” from the 'Edit' menu of your web browser.
Open your web page in an HTML editor. Paste the copied HTML code into your web page at the place you want the ad to appear. You can control the position and appearance of the ads on your web page. Paste in the copied code by selecting “Paste” from the 'Edit' menu of your HTML editor. Save the file when you finish making changes.
Upload the web page to your web hosting account. View the page online to make sure the ads appear correctly. If they don’t, revise the HTML code, save the file and upload it again.
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