Monday, August 31, 2015

How to Be a Club Host in 'Second Life' (5 Steps)

Open Second Life on your computer, and log in with your Second Life first name, last name and password.
Improve the overall look of your avatar. Remember, it represents the virtual 'you' in Second Life. Take the time to upgrade your avatar with better skin, hair and clothes. You will need at least three to four outfits when starting out as a host.
Learn how to emote. This is a basic requirement for anyone who wants to host an event in Second Life. (Emoting is how Second Life residents express their emotions when they text chat.)
Purchase an ear mic inside Second Life to help you communicate as a host. Working as a club host, you will need to have a bubbly personality and an open mind. The host is the life of an event, and needs to be able to keep the conversation going.
Use a keyboard you are familiar and comfortable with. Avoid typos and misspelled words at all times. You want to look professional when hosting. Just like in real life, this is your job.
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