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Monday, August 31, 2015

How to Publish a Web Site in Asp.Net

Obtain from your web hosting company the necessary information to use FTP (File Transfer Protocol) to upload your files as well as the correct connection string(s) to access a database that is part of your website.
Upload your website files to your web host using FTP. Include the web pages, any image files or other web content files related to the new site.
Replicate any database schema and tables that are part of your website to the web host's database server. Do this either by developing the database on the web hosting company's database server if allowed or with the Database Publishing Wizard that is part of Visual Web Developer (installed with ASP.NET).
Update the web.config file that was uploaded as part of Step 1 so that the database connection string will point to the web host's database server rather than the location on your own PC. This may involve several connection strings if the website includes complications such as additional systems, membership pages, and roles (Admin, Full User or Limited Use, for example).
Test all connections and features of the hosted website for functionality. Correct any bugs or non-working parts on the local computer and then upload the corrected web pages.
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Sunday, August 30, 2015

How to Put Your Own Template on

Open the Webs site. Click your website type from the drop-down menu, and then click 'Get Started.'
Type your email address, a password, your name, birth date and gender in the designated fields and then click 'HTML-Only Mode.'
Type your desired website address in the 'Site Address' field. Type the Captcha characters as they're shown, and then click 'Next Step.'
Click your account package and click 'Select Now' or 'Upgrade Now' to create your site.
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How to Make a Proxy Website (6 Steps)

Open an account at a web host that allows proxy websites. Many hosting companies do not allow proxies because they can generate a large amount of traffic that overloads the servers. Those that do allow proxy websites will typically prefer that you have a Virtual Private Server (VPS) or a dedicated server. Most hosts do not allow web proxies on a shared server.
Obtain a copy of PHProxy. This script acts as the software to power your proxy site. PHProxy is available free of charge, so anyone can make a proxy website without spending a lot of money.
Log into the control panel for your web hosting account. Create a MySQL database that will be used by the PHProxy script. Make note of the database name, user name and password that is associated with the database. This information is needed to configure the script to communicate with the database.
Edit the config.php file that is included with the script. Open the file with a HTML editor so that you can edit the contents of the file and save the new copy. Use Windows Notepad if you do not have a HTML editor. Simply open the file, edit the website name, website address, database name, database user name and database password. Save the file after the information has been edited.
Use an FTP program to upload all of the files to your hosting account. You can download a free copy of Filezilla FTP if you do not already have a program. Simply upload all of the files and folders included with PHProxy to your web hosting account. Your proxy website should now be operational.
Read the documentation that is included with PHProxy. Follow the instructions in the documentation to customize your script, such as changing colors, page layout or other visual elements. This will help you make a FTP website that stands out.
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Saturday, August 29, 2015

How to Embed ASX (7 Steps)

Log in to your Web hosting “Control Panel.” Select “File Directory” and “Upload.” Browse your computer files to locate and upload the ASX video file to your Web hosting server. If your Web hosting provider does not support the ASX file format, upload the file to a third-party file hosting site that does. An example of such sites include VideoBam, YourFileLink, zShare and Mozy.
Write down the URL for your uploaded ASX file, such as: http://www.yourvideofile.asx
Log in to your Web hosting “Control Panel.”
Click “File Directory.”
Locate and select the page, inside your file directory, to which you want to add the embedded video. Click “Edit” to open the page's file editor.
Type either of the following HTML codes inside the file editor box. The first code results in automatic video playing. The second code results in a manual player. Replace the generic video file name with the name of your actual file. Feel free to adjust the height and width attributes of your video as necessary.Start Video Automatically
Start Video Manually
Click “Save” to save the changes to your page. Click “Publish” (if applicable) to publish your changes live on the Web.
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How to Start a Fan Fiction Website

Find a web host that you can create your website on. There are numerous web hosts available that will allow you to create one at little or no charge.
Decide what type of fan fiction will be on your website. Will you have a wide variety of titles, or a few select like Buffy, Star Trek or Harry Potter?
Upload your own fan fiction stories to start your site's library. Organize them so they are easily accessible. Organizing by genre and title usually works best.
Allow other writers to submit their stories and upload them onto the site. This can easily be done through an email link. You should eventually have a whole community of fan fiction writers providing you material.
Make sure your website can be easily found by web surfers. Create a header that includes the words 'fan fiction' so a search engine will quickly pick it up. You can also include your most popular (or exclusive) titles for those looking mainly for them.
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How to Post Images on Internet Message Boards

Locate the image on the computer hard drive that is to be posted.
Host the image that is to be posted. There are many image hosting services on the Internet (see resources) that can accomplish this task. Follow the steps on the hosting site that was chosen and upload the image.
Obtain the source address for the image. Once the image is hosted it now has a source address. The source address is the images location on the host server. A source address appears similar to an Internet site address with one exception there is no www in the source address.
Insert the source address inside image markup tags. Markup tags are what enable the blogs and message boards to differentiate the image from regular typed text. An example of these tags is between the following quotation marks '
.' Be sure to eliminate the spaces between '
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Friday, August 28, 2015

How to Host Dating Websites

Purchase a server hosting package from a reputable hosting company. When considering a hosting provider search for reviews of the company. Compare as many options as possible to get a feel for the range of services, prices and options available. Hosting can cost as low as $3.50 a month or several hundred dollars for a dedicated server. The most optimal type of service will depend on your technical expertise., and all offer hosting services at competitive rates.
Purchase a site domain. If you do not already have domains for your dating websites, you must buy them. Most hosting providers will allow you to purchase domains along with hosting solutions. Domains typically cost less than $15 a year.
Add the new dating site domain to your hosting service, using the new host's Cpanel or hosting screen's 'Add New Domain' feature. Repeat for each domain that will be hosted.
Change the name server for the domain name. Copy the new server's 'Name Server' address and change the domain's 'Name Servers' to those of the new host. Repeat for additional dating sites.
Upload site content and data to each domain's hosting directory on the server. You will need an FTP, or File Transfer Protocol, to do this efficiently. An FTP client is a file transfer program that lets you upload and download data from the local computer and the server, and it is the primary method you will use to transfer your sites to the server. Most hosting packages provide a web-based FTP client in their hosting management sections, but free third party programs like CuteFTP, FileZilla and CoffeeCup FTP are suitable alternatives.
Wait for the name servers to update. This process should take less than 30 minutes. The dating sites will now be live on the new server.
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How to Add Bling to Your Picture (8 Steps)

Make sure you save the picture to your computer. If you do not have the picture on a memory card or flash drive, upload it using a scanner. Make sure the file is saved as a .jpg, .gif or .jpeg. These formats ensure easy editing.
Open your browser and go to an image-hosting website that offers free photo editing, such as Photobucket.
Sign up for a free account. The website may require you to verify your email address before continuing with the site. Check your email and click the link provided in the email.
Click 'Upload Images and Videos' and navigate to the location where you previously saved your picture. Select your picture and click 'Open.' Your picture will upload. If you would like to upload more than one picture, hold the 'Ctrl' key on your keyboard and select the pictures. Enter a title, caption or tag to your picture and click 'Save' when your you are finished.
Click 'Edit' above your picture. Your browser loads an editing screen.
Click the any of the tabs at the top of the screen to edit your picture. Photobucket contains many types of editing styles. 'Basic' allows you to fix red eyes, crop, re-size, rotate and edit the contrast. 'Effects' changes the colors and effects of your picture. 'Decorate' allows you to add clip art, text, borders and other graphical effects. 'Animation' lets you add glittery stickers and art to your picture. 'Beautify' edits any blemishes or mishaps. 'Distort' stretches and widens any portion of your picture. 'Layers' allows you to combine more than one picture. 'Geek' contains many tools to edit the properties of your picture.
Experiment with the tools and add 'bling' to your picture.
Click 'Save a Copy' when you are finished. This does not write over the original picture.
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Thursday, August 27, 2015

How to Upload to FTP Sites (6 Steps)

Locate the required FTP log in information. This information is available from the web hosting company that hosts the website and includes the username, password, host/address, and port for the FTP site.
Open the FTP client software program on the local computer. Dozens of freeware programs exist and may be downloaded and installed in minutes (see Resources).
Create a new FTP site profile in the FTP client program. This option is usually found under the 'File' menu and is labeled 'Site Manager' or 'Remote Browser' in most cases.
Add the FTP site information to the new website profile and save the changes. Enter the information obtained from the hosting company in the appropriate text fields.
Press the connect button to open the FTP connection between the local computer and the web server.
Select the files on the local computer and drag them to the target folder on the web server to initiate the upload process.
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How to See Who Viewed My Craigslist Ad (5 Steps)

Prepare the images you plan to use in your listing. You don’t need to do anything special with them; just edit them as you normally would.
Contact your Web hosting service and tell them you want to track unique views of a specific image file; they'll explain how you can do this. You may also be able to find the information in their site FAQ or customer support literature. Just look for their Web analytics support documentation.
Upload the image as advised by your Web host’s customer support. You only need to do this with one image. Tracking statistics on multiple images can cause you to accidentally multiply the number of visitors who view your listing. If you do use multiple images, store the others elsewhere on your Web pages or host them directly on Craigslist.
Link to the image when you post your Craigslist ad, using the HTML image tag: . Replace 'URL' with the actual URL of your image, including the 'http://" at the beginning and keeping the quotation marks.
Track the unique downloads for the image in your listing. This number roughly corresponds to the actual number of individual visitors.
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How to Start a Sewing Business on the Web (7 Steps)

Choose your website name and register your domain name. Your domain name, which will be your website address, will likely be your business name followed by a .com.
Choose a web hosting service. Find a company that combines domain registration and web hosting.
Design your website. Many companies have design services. Clients either select from a pre-designed template or a professionally designed site. Using a pre-designed template will save time and money. Many domain registration and web hosting companies offer website designs as well.
Make it easy for people to pay you. You will need a shopping cart for your website that accepts payments from customers. Online services such as Paypal and credit card collection services will help you collect money. These services take a small portion of your profits for providing a shopping cart.
Set up a system for shipping products. Though orders may not come in immediately, you need to be prepared to mail your merchandise. Go to the post office to get estimates for how much shipping costs for your products. Make sure you list shipping costs on your site and figure that into your prices.
Make extra items. Having an inventory of items to replace sold items will save time.
Get the word out. Write articles for websites and magazines. Start a blog. Writing on a regular basis gets your name out on the web. Visit forums where people are discussing sewing and use your website's name in signatures. Don't forget word of mouth as well. Tell everybody you know or meet about your online sewing business.
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Wednesday, August 26, 2015

How to Choose a Web Hosting Service (10 Steps)

Make sure the host's server provides a sufficiently fast connection to the Internet. A T3 connection is optimal, but a T1 will work for most Web sites. A dial-up connection is usually much too slow.
Find out how many machines will be sharing the server with you. You don't want to be slowed down by traffic from other sites. Compare this number with other hosting services to give yourself negotiating room.
Investigate limits on bandwidth and hits. Make sure you won't be charged severely if a lot of traffic goes through your site. Look for reasonable flat monthly rates as opposed to rates based on use.
Find out what kind of customer support the host offers. Twenty-four hour support and speedy replies aren't unreasonable demands. Try to avoid paying for customer support.
Plan ahead when thinking about Web space. The amount of space you need depends on the nature of your site, but be sure to give your site room to grow.
Look for a company that offers virtual hosting. This will allow you to use your own domain name ( as your URL as opposed to a directory within the host's domain ( If you don't feel that you need your own domain name, save money and stick with the host's URL.
Make sure the host provides adequate CGI-bin access if you'll be using forms, and that the CGI bin can support your scripts. You should have your own CGI-bin directory with unlimited access.
Opt for Web-based administration if you're unfamiliar with Web programming. This will provide a Web-based interface for the maintenance of the site.
Look for a host that offers FTP and Telnet access to facilitate uploading files and editing CGI scripts.
Evaluate your e-mail needs. Some servers offer POP mailboxes, while others simply offer aliases that reroute mail to existing mailboxes. Some hosts put limits on the number of allowed aliases. Make sure you fully understand the host's e-mail services.
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Monday, August 24, 2015

How to Build an Online Store (9 Steps)

Purchase a domain name at Network Solutions by going to or GoDaddy at
Obtain a hosting account for the domain.
Log into the hosting account, and create at least one email account for the domain.
Take some photos of the products that are going to be sold on the site, and create some descriptive content for each item.
Create a list of general keywords for the site that match the overall theme, and create another more specific list of keywords for the individual products or services.
Use a template or site-builder to create a website for the products or services that revolves around one easily-defined theme. If you have multiple themes, create multiple websites or separate pages for each theme.
Sign up for a PayPal account at, and verify the account by adding banking information as described on the PayPal website.
Upload the photos and descriptive content into the Web hosting account and publish the site to the domain, following the specific instructions for the particular hosting account. These steps vary by hosting company and type of account.
Log onto the PayPal site, and create a shopping button for each item or service. Copy the generated code to the new website.
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How to Change the Memory Configuration in the Apache Server

Open the httpd.conf Apache configuration file in your computer's text editor.
Reduce the pre-fork configuration settings in the httpd.conf file to the following settings. This change will reduce the memory overhead required by the Apache Server for normal web-serving operations.StartServers 3
MinSpareServers 3
MaxSpareServers 10
ServerLimit 50
MaxClients 50
MaxRequestsPerChild 2000If you are expecting significant site traffic or are already seeing significant traffic, consider setting these limits between the settings listed here and the default settings. The server limit and maximum-client figures should be set closer to 256 if on a dedicated server. If you are on a small VPS, increasing these settings can negatively impact the overall performance of your server.
Change the KeepAlive setting in the configuration file. This setting allows visitors to your website to issue multiple similar requests over the web connection. If you do not have a lot of images or Javascript on your website, you can toggle the KeepAlive setting to 'off.' If you do, reduce the default timeout value from 120 to 40 in the configuration file.
Save the Apache configuration file and restart your web server. You will see an improvement in the performance of the Apache webserver.
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How to Make a Free Interactive Website

Find a webhost which offers free websites. Several webhosting companies offer free webhosting services, such as, and Webhosting directories provide information that allows customers to quickly summarize the benefits of some of the web's most popular free websites. The information includes reviews of the sites as well as data about available space on each site, the sites' scripting and whether or not each webhost places their ads on the free websites of clients.
Select a webhost that provides the options that you want and sign up with the webhost. Submit contact information and complete the webhost's security clearance. Sign the agreement and choose an owner username and password.
Select a domain name for the free interactive website. Select a template for the website from the template options that the webhost offers.
Create website files/pages. Map out the site so that the webpages will complete and complement each other. Insert graphics and text on each page. Insert hyperlinks into the pages to create crosslinks between the site's pages, as well as links to other similar sites. Notify owners of other websites that you have created a link to their website and request that they link to your site as well to bring your site more visitors.
Upload the forum tool to your website to allow site visitors to chat with each other, asking questions and providing requested information.
Add the email tool to your website to allow you to send emails using your domain name as your email's domain address and allowing your site's visitors to contact you directly through your website.
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How to Watch Live Football and Soccer Stream on a PC

Download and install video stream viewing software. This example will use sopcast. Sopcast is free and very reliable. You may want some other options--see the resources section for more information.
Locate a stream hosting site for the sporting event. In this example, the stream hosing site is MyP2P. There are alternatives, but this site is reliable. See the resources section for more information.
Find the specific live football or soccer game you want to stream on a personal computer. The streaming video hosting site usually lists the sporting events by date or sport. Not every game is available on these sites.
Click on the stream link to the game. This should open up the sopcast player and enable you to watch live football and soccer streamed on a personal computer. You may need to input the channel number into the sopcast player to view the game if the player does not open after clicking on the link.
Visit the website of your favorite football or soccer team. This option is more conventional but they do charge for the ability to watch these games live on your PC.
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How to Become a Web Hosting Reseller (5 Steps)

Shop around for the best prices. Many well known web hosting companies offer wholesale space to resellers.
Choose a web hosting package. If it is a 'whole' package, you will need to decide how you want to split it up. (A 'whole' package comes in one big block of space, instead of several pre-split mini packages.) Once your package, set your prices.
Design your own website to sell the packages. You want people to know that you are a reliable web hosting seller and a professional looking website will send that message. If you can't design the site yourself, hire a professional designer.
Market your website anywhere you can. Forum signatures and link exchanges are great and affordable places to begin. This is an important step because there is a lot of competition in web hosting reselling and ads are the only way to bring in new customers. You can also use search engine optimization (SEO) techniques, so that your website will rank higher with major search engines.
Put 25 percent of your profit back into your business to buy more space, advertise and update your website.
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How to Get a URL Address

Decide what you want your domain name to be. It's a good idea to have a few banes in mind in case your first choice is taken, especially if you want a .com or .net address. (For example, while a name may be taken on a .com, the .net version of that domain may be available.)
Choose a domain registrar to register and purchase your domain--such as Go Daddy, Network Solutions or Bluehost. Many hosts are similar, but you'll want to make sure you're getting what you want. Consider looking at reviews (a link to a site with popular reviews can be found below), then checking each host that catches your eye personally. Make sure you're using an ICANN (Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers)-accredited registrar, that the company has good technical support and its their website is easy to use. Review usage and support policies to see exactly what you're getting.
Sign up for an account with the domain registrar of your choice, then begin the process of signing up for a domain. On many sites, you can begin this process by using the company's search function to check for the availability of a domain. Otherwise there is usually a 'buy now' option somewhere on the main page for you to use.
Type in and select the domain of your choice if it is available. The process will differ depending on what host you choose, but when you are finished and have paid for the domain, you will be able to use it immediately. Be careful when paying for your domain, as the host may attempt to select certain payment options or add products to your order by default. Double-check your cart before you complete your payment.
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Sunday, August 23, 2015

How to Start an Astrological Chart Business

Log on to your computer and search for astrological chart software. Read reviews of the software. Download free trials. Draw your own astrological chart. Compare prices, features and reporting.
Search for chart interpretation software. Read reviews of the software and download free trials. Draw your own astrological chart. Choose the software and interpretation software you like best based on your comparison.
Choose a name for your astrological chart business. Go to a reliable domain registration and hosting service like or and register your domain. Pay the fee and look for your confirmation email with the details on your site.
Write content for your website, including information on the 12 signs of the zodiac and details about the products and services you will offer in your astrological chart business.
Go to your site and log into your control panel. Upload the software you will need to create your site, such as Wordpress blogging and webpage creation software. Upload the payment software you will need for your site, such as ZenCart.
Upload the content for your website pages. Upload the product details into your shopping cart.
Set the price for the astrological charts according to the amount of work it will take to run a customer's information and create an astrological chart for her. Provide your email address so she can get in touch with you to provide birth date and birth hour (if known) to create the chart. Save all data in the shopping cart. Run a test order to be sure everything in the cart is working.
Create a marketing plan for your new website and astrological chart service. Generate traffic for your site by using your URL in all your emails as part of your signature file.
Research other astrology-related products so you can become an affiliate and generate even more income from your website. Create the links for these products and add them to your site.
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How to Start a Devotional or Inspirational Website

Secure a domain name for your devotional/inspirational website. A domain name will cost you $10 or less per year. To secure a domain name, visit a domain name registrar, such as GoDaddy, Network Solutions or NetFirms. In order to earn a better search engine ranking, try to incorporate the word 'Devotional' or 'Inspirational' in your domain name. For instance, instead of using the domain name, you can use
Find server space on the web for your devotional/inspirational website. Consider using a blog site for server space. By using blog hosting instead of traditional web hosting, you won't get frustrated with the technical stuff while trying to put your inspirational pieces online. A blog site will also keep your inspirational pieces organized and archived by date. Blog sites you can use are WordPress, TypePad, and SiteGround. You will have to sign up for an account in order to use the blog hosting sites.
Connect the domain name that was purchased in step 1 to your website. This is done during the sign-up process.
Select a template (background) for your devotional/inspirational website. The blog sites that are listed in the step 2 will provide a variety of templates to choose from.
Start adding content to your devotional/inspirational website. To do this, click on the option to create a 'New' article. You will be able to upload inspirational pictures to go along with your devotional content.
Submit the domain name for your devotional/inspirational website to search engines. If you don't your website won't be found by those who are searching for inspirational content. You can use websites such as Submit Express and Free Web Submission to submit your site to numerous search engines at one time.
Post new content on a regular basis. If you are inconsistent, readers are likely to stop visiting your website and move on to another that can deliver consistently.
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