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Monday, August 31, 2015

How to Not be Awkward at a Party

When I moved by myself to a new city, I wanted very badly to meet people and resume a normal social life. Normally outgoing and easy to make friends, I found myself a hermit for basically a year until a co-worker from another office across town invited me to a party. Boy, was it awkward for me to get back into the swing of things and reconnect with my old self - the one who knew how to have fun at any party!
One important thing to do when feeling awkward at a party is to assume a role or take on a job. A great way that I have found to feel like you're blending right in is to show up a little early (make sure it's ok with the host or hostess first) and help them with food, decorations, etc. This not only helps the person hosting the party, but it also ensures that you will be introduced to people one-by-one as they enter Way better than showing up late when everyone is already there and the party is in full swing!
Can't show up early? You can still assume a job no matter what time you get there. Help the host with serving drinks, help make cocktails, or take the birthday card around for everyone to sign. Keep your eyes open and you will see a role that needs to be filled! This is a great way to mingle and meet people, and you won't feel awkward doing it since you have a purpose.
Obviously you know someone at the party (at least a little), or else you wouldn't be there. Be bold and ask your acquiantance to introduce you to some of his or her friends. Even if you just meet them in passing at first, you can take note of who seemed friendly or who you had something in common with, and go back and visit them later.
Go with an open mind. Parties are for fun and mingling, so don't be a wallflower! If your connection at the party is busy, be outgoing and introduce yourself to people. Even if you feel like you have nothing to say, you can just open with, 'Hi, I'm _____. Great party! How do you know (host/hostess)?' and go from there.
Parties don't have to be intimidating! Have fun and go with a goal of meeting at least one new person that you will hang out with in the future/network with in the business world/play tennis with, etc.
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Tuesday, August 25, 2015

How to Invite Friends to a Jewelry Party

Think of your close friends. Those that you interact with frequently are a must for your invite list. The girls that you gab with on the phone and get together with during the day and evening hours should be the first friends you invite.
Invite your friends and acquaintances from your place of worship. Jewelry parties are a great way to interact with these ladies in a fun and relaxing environment.
Remember to invite your co-workers. Everyone needs a fun chance to socialize outside of the work place.
Send and invitation to your friends. A paper, snail-mail invitation is best. E-invites work well for the computer savvy, but make sure that your girlfriends are good about checking their email if this is your choice.
Give your friends a courtesy phone call a few days before the party. This will be a quick way to give them a reminder just in case the invitation was misplaced.
Let your friends know that this will be a low key evening for socializing and fun. Of course it is fun to earn free and discounted jewelry, but your focus should be on the friendships and fun. Any jewelry purchases should be an added bonus to your evening.
Invite your friends to bring guests with them. The more, the merrier, and this will increase your total party sales. Many party hostesses offer free gifts to those who bring an uninvited guest to the party.
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