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Thursday, August 27, 2015

How to Create Your Own Game Server

Go to the 'Run' option in your computer's 'Start' menu and input 'cmd' to enter the command prompt. Input 'ipconfig /all' in the prompt, and write down your subnet mask and default gateway DNS server as they appear. Write down the IP address also, but you only need the first three sets of numbers, which should be 192.168.1.
Return to the 'Start' menu and go to the 'Control Panel.' Then go to 'Network and Internet Connections,' 'Network Connections.' Right-click on the Internet connection you are using and select 'Properties.' Then select 'Internet Protocol,' 'Properties.' Check the box for 'Static IP address.'
Fill out all of the needed information in the next window with what you wrote down. For the IP address, type in those first three sets of numbers from your original address, all followed by periods, then enter a number of your choice after that (up to three digits). Click 'OK' when finished.
Open your Internet browser to confirm that your static IP address works.
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