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Monday, August 31, 2015

How to Publish your Podcast on iTunes (8 Steps)

Locate your podcast's RSS feed address. An RSS feed is an XML file that contains information about your podcast and the addresses of each individual podcast file. Consult your hosting provider's documentation for information on locating your podcast's RSS feed.
Click the 'Advanced' menu in iTunes and select 'Subscribe to Podcast.'
Type, or copy and paste, your podcast's feed address into the Subscribe to Podcast box and click 'OK.'
Verify a page for your podcast appears in iTunes and attempt to play an episode of your podcast. Apple declines podcasts with technical problems that don't appear in iTunes. If the podcast's page doesn't appear, your podcast's feed isn't compatible with iTunes. Contact your hosting provider with information about the problem.
Click 'iTunes Store' at the left side of the iTunes window and click 'Podcasts' at the top of the page that appears.
Click 'Publish a Podcast' at the right side of the Podcasts page on the iTunes Store page.
Type, or copy and paste, your podcast's feed address into the box on the Publish a Podcast page and press Enter.
Log in with your iTunes account's username and password.
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Friday, August 28, 2015

How to Calculate a File's Checksum

Download the FCIV file from the Microsoft website (see link in the Resources section) and save it on your computer.
Double-click the file to extract it. Save the file in C:\windows\system32\.
Go to the Start menu and type “cmd” (without quotations) in the Run or “Search for programs and files” field and press “Enter.”
Navigate to the folder hosting the file.
Type “fciv filename” (without quotations, and substituting the name of the file you wish to check) and press “Enter” to create the MD5 checksum.
Type “fciv –sha1 filename” and press “Enter” to create the SHA1 checksum.
Compare the checksum with the one provided with the file.
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Wednesday, August 26, 2015

How to Upload Send Audio Files for Free

Click on the 'Create a Free Account' link on MediaFire's website. Enter your name and email address. Next, select a display name and password for your account. Click the 'Create Account & Continue' button. When the plan options menu appears, select the 'Basic' plan.
Click the 'Upload Files' button. The 'Select files to upload' message box will appear. Select the audio files you want to upload to MediaFire. You can select multiple files by holding in the 'Ctrl' button on your keyboard and individually selecting each file with your mouse. You can also upload multiple files by clicking the 'Add More Files' link and individually selecting each music track.
Click the 'Begin Uploading Files' button.
Check the box next to each file you want to share. When you're finished selecting your files, click the 'Share' button.
Click on the 'Share by Email' tab. Enter your email address, as well as your recipients' email addresses, and click the 'Send Link' button. A link to your audio files will be automatically sent to your friends or family members. You can also share your audio files on social networking websites, such as Facebook and Twitter. Click the 'Facebook/Twitter' tab, check the box next to your preferred social network, enter a message and click the 'Send' button.
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How to Change PHP or ASP.NET version with enom web hosting

Login to the hosting control panel using your hosting account name and the password you chose at purchase. URL is
Click on the Advanced Menu Item.
The IIS Settings sub tab will be selected. You should now see a listing of all of the seperate 'Site Pointer' host header sites you have. Each one of these can be individually set and mix and matched for different versions of each php and .Net
Click on the 'Mangage' link for the site you would like to change.
You will notice now that the tabs on top have been activated. Click on the 'Site Info' tab
Here you can select the version of PHP and ASP.NET that you would like to use. Once you hit submit the changes take effect instantly.Congratulations - You are all done!
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Sunday, August 23, 2015

How to Log Into My Godaddy PHPMyAdmin (6 Steps)

Log into your regular GoDaddy account on the GoDaddy website (see Resources.)
Click on 'Products' in the menu that appears, and then click 'Hosting.'
Click on 'Launch' next to the account whose database you want to manage.
Click 'MySQL' in the databases list from the 'Hosting Control Center' that appears.
Scroll to the database whose contents you want to access via phpMyAdmin. Click 'Manage via phpMyAdmin,' which is located next to the database name.
Enter the username and password you chose when creating the database via the prompt, and then click 'Go.'
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Friday, August 21, 2015

How to Plan a Party at a Restaurant (9 Steps)

Choose a few restaurants you really like. Base your choices on personal experience, friends' recommendations and restaurant guidebooks like the Zagat series.
Speak to the managers of these establishments about renting a room - or the whole place, depending on the size of your party.
Have a conversation with the manager regarding the menu, the drinks, the bouncer and who's to pay for the services.
Create and sign a contract for the services, and be prepared to pay a deposit.
Send out invitations - via mail or e-mail - to the elite list of potential attendees.
Arrive early the day of the party and decorate if allowed and/or desired.
Treat the employees of the restaurant with the utmost respect and courtesy.
Mingle with your friends, enjoy good food and beverages and have a terrific time.
Pay the manager the remaining balance, and tip like you just won the lottery.
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