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Monday, August 31, 2015

How to Delete a MediaFire Account (6 Steps)

Go to the 'MediaFire' home page (See Resources).
Click the 'Login' link located at the upper-right corner of the website.
Enter your email address and password and click the 'Login to MediaFire' button.
Click the 'My Account' tab.
Select the 'Account and Billing' option.
Click the 'Cancel' link. You will continue to have access to your MediaPro account until the end of the current monthly subscription period. After your current monthly period ends, your MediaPro account will automatically delete from the MediaFire system.
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How to Find the Login for FTP for GoDaddy

Check the email you received from GoDaddy when you created your Web hosting account. GoDaddy recommends that customers print out this confirmation email, because it contains important account information that customers often need to use as they manage a website. Either find the email within a folder of your email browser or find the printed copy of the email, because it contains your login name and password.
Visit the GoDaddy website and enter your Customer Number in the upper-left corner of the homepage. Click the 'My Account' tab and then click 'Web Hosting' from beneath the 'Products' section in the left sidebar. Select the domain you wish to view and find the 'Overview' tab. Within the 'Overview' tab, you will see a 'Login' box with your username.
Create a new password if you cannot remember your password and you do not have your confirmation email from GoDaddy. Visit the GoDaddy website and enter your Customer Number in the upper-left corner of the homepage. Click the 'My Account' tab and then click 'Web Hosting' from beneath the 'Products' section in the left sidebar. Click 'Launch' beside the correct hosting account. Within the 'FTP' section, find the 'Password' field and select 'Change.' Enter a new password twice into the appropriate fields and select 'Update.' GoDaddy warns that it may take as long as one hour for a new password to take effect.
Contact GoDaddy if you continue to experience technical problems. Dial (480) 505-8877 to speak with a support representative. Provide your customer PIN or the last four digits of the credit card you used to pay for your Web hosting. Providing either of these numbers identifies you to GoDaddy -- the customer service representative will not assist you without either of these numbers. Ask the support representative for your login information. The representative will email you the information to the email address associated with your Web hosting account.
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Saturday, August 29, 2015

How to Use GoDaddy With RapidWeaver

Launch RapidWeaver on your Mac computer. Click the RapidWeaver application icon in the Dock. Select the Web page that you want to transfer to your GoDaddy hosting account in the left-hand menu under 'Webpages.'
Click 'Publish' in the right-hand corner of the interface.
Enter the Web address in the 'Server' field -- for example,
Enter your GoDaddy hosting account user name and password in the corresponding fields. These are selected when the account is purchased. If you no longer have your user name or password, contact GoDaddy by phone or email.
Enter '/' (minus the quotation marks) in the 'Path' field.
Click 'Publish' to upload the website you created with RapidWeaver to your GoDaddy account.
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Friday, August 21, 2015

How to Close a GoDaddy Account

Visit the GoDaddy website and log in to your account using your customer number and password.
Click the 'My Account' tab in the right corner of the page and click 'My Products' beneath these tabs.
Click 'Hosting' and then click the account you wish to cancel to highlight it.
Select the 'Cancel Account' option and select 'Save Changes.' This will cancel your account with GoDaddy.
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Thursday, August 20, 2015

How to Add Video to Craigslist

Go to a video hosting website like YouTube. Go to a page with the video to add to Craigslist. If the video is local to your computer, create an account and upload the video to the service. Take note of the URL where the video is located.
Go to Craigslist. Choose the city, country or region appropriate to the posting. On the top left corner of the page, click on the link to 'Post to classifieds.' Choose the type of posting and location for the classified.
Create a classified ad. Copy the URL from the video hosting website and past it into the body of the ad. Fill out the rest of the classified, including contact information, and inform readers about the video.
Publish the classified ad. If it was created using a registered Craigslist account, the task is complete. If it was created without an account, an email will be sent with a link to confirm the ad before publishing.
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