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Sunday, August 30, 2015

How to Make a Dedicated Server (17 Steps)

Open all the boxes and take out all of the components.
Lay the motherboard on a clean table and open the latch on the processor socket. Dispose of the protective cover and insert the processor.
Open the memory slots by pressing the latches on the side of it outward. Insert the memory in the socket and press down until the latches click back in the upward position.
Insert the motherboard in the case and screw it in place using the screws provided with the case.
Install the hard drive(s) and CD/DVD drive in the case and secure them with screws.
Connect the case cables to the motherboard. Connect the power cables to the motherboard and drives. Connect the SATA or SAS cables from the motherboard to the drives.
Connect the server to the power outlet, screen, keyboard and mouse. Turn the server on to check if everything is plugged correctly. Close the case.
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Friday, August 21, 2015

How to Host a Church Tea Party for Women (6 Steps)

Set up a committee. Ask people to volunteer to help you plan this event. If the church is really small and only a few women will attend, you can avoid this step; however, if you expect a lot of women to attend, you should not plan it alone.
Determine the generalities. With your committee, choose a date, time and theme. If it is a spring tea party, choose a spring theme, such as flowers or new life. Decide how will you advertise and invite women, including response methods, such as a sign-up sheet, or ask women to send an email or fill out a response card. Another aspect to plan is whether the tea party is offered free to guests or if you will sell tickets to cover the expenses.
Choose the menu. Tea parties of course always have tea, so this is a given. Delegate someone to purchase various kinds of teas to offer the women. For the menu, some tea parties serve a light snack, such as homemade scones or muffins; whereas others serve a full lunch. One idea for a menu is serving chicken salad sandwiches on croissants with fresh fruit. You could also offer an alternative, such as tuna salad sandwiches.
Determine how you will serve the meal or snack. There are several common options for serving food. If you are offering a light snack, such as muffins and scones, place them in baskets and put a basket on each table. For a luncheon, have kitchen workers make individual plates to serve the guests or set it up buffet style.
Plan the agenda. One nice addition to a tea party is hiring a guest speaker. If you decide to do this, give the speaker the theme of the event and ask her to discuss this. For example, if the theme is new life, or spring, ask the speaker to relate her message around this subject. Plan any additional activities that will take place at the tea party, such as singing or playing a game.
Purchase decorations and supplies. This includes table covers, centerpieces, tea sets, food and a small gift for each lady. Make sure the centerpieces compliment the theme of the party.
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