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Monday, August 31, 2015

How to Modify a XenServer Template

Click the 'Start' button in Windows and select the 'Run' option. Type in 'cmd' without the quotation marks to open the command line window.
Type in 'xe template-list name-label=[Name of Template] params=memory-static-max,recommendations' at the command line prompt. Press the 'Enter' key to determine the current maximum memory allowed for a template.
Note the value of the 'max' parameter in the screen output.
Type in 'xe template-param-set uuid=[UUID of Selected Template> memory-static-max=
Type in 'xe template-list name-label=[Name of Selected Template] params=memory-static-max,recommendations' at the command line prompt. Press the 'Enter' key to print the parameters of the modified XenServer template.
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How to Create a Pixel Website of Your Own

Obtain a creative domain name likely to attract a large number of visitors on a regular basis.
Purchase a reliable website hosting plan from a provider. Ensure that the host you choose is able to meet the future needs of your website. Research the bandwidth, memory and other services the host provides. Look for a host who provides at least 10GB of memory and 750GB of bandwidth; also ensure that they provide essential services like PHP and mySQL support. Inquire about hosting plans and choose the most adequate one for your needs.
Install a script that sets up a million-pixel sales system onto your website. You can also commission people who write code to write you a custom pixel script. Set up the script by creating a new SQL database, and upload all the files that were provided to you in the script to your Web server. Access the admin panel of the script and configure the script to your liking.
Consider your pricing strategy for pixel space as it compares to other pixel websites, and think of ways to make your pixel website more competitive when it comes to attracting potential advertisers. Design your own creative implementations of pixel space sales, and attempt to take them to potential advertisers.
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Sunday, August 30, 2015

How to Make a Dedicated Server (17 Steps)

Open all the boxes and take out all of the components.
Lay the motherboard on a clean table and open the latch on the processor socket. Dispose of the protective cover and insert the processor.
Open the memory slots by pressing the latches on the side of it outward. Insert the memory in the socket and press down until the latches click back in the upward position.
Insert the motherboard in the case and screw it in place using the screws provided with the case.
Install the hard drive(s) and CD/DVD drive in the case and secure them with screws.
Connect the case cables to the motherboard. Connect the power cables to the motherboard and drives. Connect the SATA or SAS cables from the motherboard to the drives.
Connect the server to the power outlet, screen, keyboard and mouse. Turn the server on to check if everything is plugged correctly. Close the case.
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Tuesday, August 25, 2015

How to Make a Online Inventory System

Make sure you have a domain name set up for your business. Your domain name is the address that people will type into their browser to reach your inventory system. ( domain registrars can charge between $1 and $14 per year.
Obtain web hosting for your online inventory system. Online web hosts are responsible for providing the memory and web-space for the content and traffic for your website. Web host can charge anywhere from three dollars and up per month. If you already have a website for your business, then you already have web hosting.
Determine if you like to use inventory software that has already been created or if you need to hire a programmer to integrate your inventory system into your website. Use sites like and to locate freelance computer programmers to make a custom inventory system for your site. Based on your budget, programmers from around the world will be on your project.
Purchase online inventory software to integrate with your website. For example visual inventory is a software that does not require you to create a website as it will automatically integrate to your web or network server. You will be able to input the type of products you have and customize the software to maintain inventory for either multiple owners, departments, locations, etc. Pricing for various inventory software can be free or you can pay over $5000. Purchasing inventory software is an alternative to hiring a computer programmer.
Make sure you and other colleagues test out the inventory system before going live. Test out the software for glitches and other issues that may need to troubleshoot. You may need to conduct a training session who will be accessing your inventory system to ensure they know what they are doing.
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Thursday, August 20, 2015

How to Create a Video Hosting Website

Purchase a domain name for your website. A domain name is the address your customers will type in to access your site ( Domain registrars typically charge between $1 to more than $14 per year.
Obtain web hosting for your site. A web host maintains various servers that manages the content and your subscribers who will come to your website. Choose a web host that provides a lot of memory for the lowest cost because your videos may require much memory. Web hosts can charge anywhere from $3 to more than $100 a month.
Determine if you would like to provide videos or if you want your subscribers to upload their own videos to your site, like YouTube. Answer this question before you start creating a website because the programming code required for others to upload videos will be different than if you want to upload videos yourself.
Sketch out the content, look and feel of your website using either a piece of paper and/or word processing software. You must know ahead of time what colors you would like to use and your welcome message, along with other information. Use a word processing software, such as Microsoft Word, that can be sent to your web designer.
Hire a freelance web designer to create your website. Hire your freelance web designer from sites like or Web designers from around the world will bid on your project based on your budget. Ensure your web designer has experience with programming codes necessary to upload videos.
Invite friends and family at different times of the day to access your site to view and upload videos to ensure there are no technical issues that need to be resolved before you go live.
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