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Monday, August 31, 2015

How to Host Pictures for EBay Auctions Using Photobucket

Register for an account at Photobucket. Photobucket is a free picture hosting site.
Click on Albums + Uploads on the left side of the page.
Choose 'Add More' if you have more then 3 pictures to upload.
Use the 'Browse' button next to each field to select the pictures from your computer hard drive that you want to put into your eBay auction.
Upload you pictures to Photobucket by clicking on the 'Upload' button after your pictures are selected.
Copy the HTML tag onto your clipboard. The HTML tag is found in the third field underneath each picture in your Photobucket album.
Paste the HTML tag from your clipboard into your eBay auction description.
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Friday, August 28, 2015

How to Add Bling to Your Picture (8 Steps)

Make sure you save the picture to your computer. If you do not have the picture on a memory card or flash drive, upload it using a scanner. Make sure the file is saved as a .jpg, .gif or .jpeg. These formats ensure easy editing.
Open your browser and go to an image-hosting website that offers free photo editing, such as Photobucket.
Sign up for a free account. The website may require you to verify your email address before continuing with the site. Check your email and click the link provided in the email.
Click 'Upload Images and Videos' and navigate to the location where you previously saved your picture. Select your picture and click 'Open.' Your picture will upload. If you would like to upload more than one picture, hold the 'Ctrl' key on your keyboard and select the pictures. Enter a title, caption or tag to your picture and click 'Save' when your you are finished.
Click 'Edit' above your picture. Your browser loads an editing screen.
Click the any of the tabs at the top of the screen to edit your picture. Photobucket contains many types of editing styles. 'Basic' allows you to fix red eyes, crop, re-size, rotate and edit the contrast. 'Effects' changes the colors and effects of your picture. 'Decorate' allows you to add clip art, text, borders and other graphical effects. 'Animation' lets you add glittery stickers and art to your picture. 'Beautify' edits any blemishes or mishaps. 'Distort' stretches and widens any portion of your picture. 'Layers' allows you to combine more than one picture. 'Geek' contains many tools to edit the properties of your picture.
Experiment with the tools and add 'bling' to your picture.
Click 'Save a Copy' when you are finished. This does not write over the original picture.
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Wednesday, August 26, 2015

How to Make Custom Buttons for a Blogger

Choose an image for the blog button. For an email contact button, an envelope image works. For a business related blog using their logo along with the text, 'contact us' is optimal. Consider the color of the blog's background so the button will not blend in and the image stands out. Upload the image into a photo editing program, such as Infranview or Photoshop.
Resize the image to 125 pixels X 125 pixels. Upload the new size of the image to a photo hosting website, such as Flickr or Photobucket. Right click the image and copy the location address for the image. Paste the location address in a document to save it.
Use this HTML code to put the button together: . For an email contact button, place 'mailto:' followed by a complete email address in between the first set of quotes in the HTML code. The code should look like this
after inserting the email address. For a link button, place the complete web address in between the first set of quotes, such as '>.
Add the image properties to the HTML code. Paste the image properties in between the second set of quotes. The HTML code now looks like this:'/></a>. The numbers and other information in an image properties are different for each hosted photo, so your information will differ from the properties shown here.
Copy and paste the completed code into the layout of a blog. Place an asterisk at the end of the code, if sending the button via email to a friend or client, to prevent the code from converting into the button. Add a note to the email recipient to remove the asterisk before pasting into a blog.
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