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Tuesday, August 25, 2015

How to Forward Your Ports for GMod (8 Steps)

Click Start and open the Run program.
Type in 'cmd' to open the command box.
Type 'ipconfig' in the cmd box and a list of addresses will appear. Search for the address called 'Default Gateway' and copy it down, then close the cmd box.
Open your Web browser and type in the Default Gateway address found in Step 3.
Enter the user name and password for your router.
Click on the tab labeled 'Port Forwarding/Port Triggering.'
Select the Protocol format and type in the port numbers, in the Inbound and Outbound columns, that need to be opened for 'GMod.' The list of ports that need to be opened are (in the order Protocol Inbound/Outbound); UDP 1200/1200, UPD 26901/26901, UPD 27000/27015, TCP 27020/27039, UDP 27015/27015, UDP 27020/27020 and TCP 27015/27015.
Save the settings and close the router configuration page.
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Saturday, August 22, 2015

How to Move CMS Made Simple to a New Server (7 Steps)

Open a browser window, navigate to the Admin Console of your CMS Made Simple website and log in with an Administrator password. The path to your Admin console is “,” where “yourwebsite” is the domain name of your site and “cms_location” is the directory where CMS Made Simple is installed. For example, if your website is and CMS Made Simple is installed in a directory called “simple,” you would type “” to open the Admin console.
Click “Site Admin,” “Global Settings,” “Clear Cache” and “OK.”
Navigate to your Web-hosting management console and download your CMS Made Simple database. If you use cPanel or DirectAdmin, click 'phpMyAdmin' in the Databases panel, log in to the database, if necessary, and click “Export.” Click the “Quick” export method, click “SQL” from the 'Format' drop-down menu and click “Go.” Save the SQL file on your desktop.
Open an FTP client like Filezilla, log in to your Web server and download the directory that contains the CMS Made Simple files. Save the files in a directory on your computer.
Log in to your new Web server with your FTP client and upload the saved Content Made Simple directory on your computer. Ensure that the “tmp,” “uploads” and “modules” directories and subdirectories are writeable.
Log in to the Web-hosting management console on your new server, open 'phpMyAdmin' and click “Import.” Click “Browse” and navigate to the saved SQL file on your computer. Click “SQL” from the 'Format' drop-down menu and click “Go.”
Log in to your new CMS Made Simple site and ensure that all files have been moved and that your data is intact.
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