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Sunday, August 23, 2015

How to Create a Logo Contest

Write a list of elements required for the logo design, including company name, size, colors, use, and target audience.
Decide where to host the logo contest. Choose a personal or organizational website if self-hosting. Contact a web designer to create a logo-contest page if one is not available.
Determine the prize and its value for the contest winner. Consider charging a nominal entry fee, especially if offering a winning prize, such as a trip or a car.
Write the official contest rules. Review rules of other logo contests to determine what rules are typical. Write the rules on entry fees, prizes, number of entries per person permitted, maximum file size, file formats accepted, submission deadline, contest judges and when winners will be announced. Include the terms on payment delivery and ownership or publication rights.
Ask a webmaster to post the logo-design contest on the host website. Develop an online contact form to accept submissions. Indicate on the form the maximum file size and formats accepted. Disable the contest submission form at the end of the contest.
Submit your contest page to the top search engines. Promote your contest using the social medias, reciprocal links, blog posts, PPC marketing (pay-per-click), email campaigns, and word-of-mouth. (see Tips).
Review all logo submissions. Publish the winning and runner-up logo designs online if included in the terms of the contest. Send out winning notifications.
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