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Monday, August 31, 2015

How to Word a Double Baby Shower Invitation (5 Steps)

Start the invitation by immediately letting guests know they are being invited to a double baby shower. A Noah's Ark 'two by two' theme will work perfectly and be very cute, as well. Use very clear wording to communicate the double event, such as 'You're invited to celebrate with Lisa and Jane, as they are both expecting!' Use the family last name, if it is the same for both babies, or list all of the expecting parents' names.
Reiterate that the shower is for two expecting moms more than once in the invitation. For example, on the inside you can add a verse such as, 'Bottles, diapers and laundry in a heap... Lisa and Jane will soon have no sleep!'
Inform guests of the gender of both babies, if known. For example, 'Oh boy! Oh boy! Lisa and Jane are both having boys! We're 'expecting' you to join us!'
Opt for a unified cover with separate inside information. For example, the front can say, 'Two bundles of joy are on their way, so please reserve this special day.' Then, use each of the inside panels of the invitation to give separate details. For example, on the left side you could write 'Tea parties, baby dolls and dress up clothes, Jane's having a girl who'll wear ribbons and bows!' On the right side, you could say 'Trains, motorcycles and automobiles, Lisa's having a boy who'll love cool toys with wheels!' The lower half of both panels can share the day, time and RSVP information for the shower.
Write out all of the information you'd like to include on the invitation, including registry information for both mothers, if available. If you only have registry information for one mother, do not include it. Everything has to be treated equally for both. Once you have the invitation written in a way that you like, order or print the actual invitations.
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How to Create a Sub Domain With Network Solutions

Sub domains are created and used to divide websites into different sections on websites. The sub domain is usually descriptive of the place and purpose for which it is named within the main domain. For example, the main Yahoo website has many subsections that feature the website's content, such as Web, Images, Video, Local, Shopping and Search sections to make it easier for visitors and consumers to navigate.
Research names for the sub domain by searching on a major search engine for some popular search terms for your potential sub domain. Using a name that includes a popular search term can serve to drive traffic to your website and boost an online business. Since the domain name is your Internet identity, take into consideration how any names associated with the main domain may affect your online Web presence, regardless of the purpose of the website. If the website is used for business purposes, it is particularly important to be mindful of all domain names.
Obtain or check your hosting account with Network Solutions. If you don't already have an account with Network Solutions, it will be necessary to get one before you can obtain a sub domain through the company.
Log into your Network Solutions Web hosting account. Go to the Account Manager section of the account. Click on Web Hosting/Manage Web Hosting. Click on the Assign New tab. Enter the name you have chosen for your sub domain. Press Select. This will enable you to add the new sub domain to your Network Solutions account. You will now be able to add information to that page and publish it so that it will be live on the Internet as you did for the main domain.
To create the sub domain properly from a different source, it will be necessary to create the sub domain and point it to whatever the other hosting package may be. From the existing hosting package, you will need to set up the redirection from that Web host's settings or through a Javascript redirect.
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Tuesday, August 25, 2015

How to Set Up a Network Domain (6 Steps)

Choose a desirable name for your domain based on the purpose of your webpages. The top domain registry service in the U.S. is Network Solutions. At the Network Solutions site or the site of another domain registry service, search for available domain names.
Acquire the desired domain name (either for free or for a fee) from the present owner of the domain name.
Register the domain name with the domain registration service or registrar.
If you do not have a Web server, get a free or paid Web-hosting service online. There are thousands of providers from which to choose. The Web-hosting service provides an Internet Protocol (IP) address for the server that will host your Web domain.
Inform the registrar that registered your domain name of the new IP address of your server or the host Web server.
Now your domain name and server information are registered together. When you type in the Internet address of your network domain into a browser, your computer will communicate with the client server. In turn, the client server will send your webpages over the Internet for your computer to display in the Web browser.
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Sunday, August 23, 2015

How to Change your Name Servers for your new Domain

Go to your domain name registrar company on the Web. Log in to your account by typing your username and password in the appropriate fields. Wait for the page to download completely to see the list of your domain names.
Select your new domain name. If you have multiple domain names you will want to make sure you choose the correct name. Choose only the name of the domain that you wish to edit.
Go to the domain name's control panel or configuration page by clicking on the provided link. Choose the link that will allow you to change the domain name's name servers from the different configuration options.
Delete the old name servers from the field and enter the new name servers. Enter the correct name server codes for the primary and secondary fields. Check your new name server for the corresponding codes.
Save the changes you made. Depending on your registrar company, the modifications you made may take from 24 to 48 hours before they can take effect. It does not usually take this long, but don't be alarmed if it does.
Log into your registrant account after a couple of days and click on the modified domain name from your list. Check the domain name info to ensure that all changes have been implemented. If the changes did not take place you can reenter the information or contact the registrar.
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Saturday, August 22, 2015

How to Start an Online Goody Bag Business (6 Steps)

Determine the type of goody bag products you are going to sell. Try to specialize within the niche. For instance, you can sell eco-friendly goody bags made from all-natural materials or hand-made gifts and treats. You can specialize in food items, or international gift items. Keep your product line simple and categorize your products according to price.
Analyze domain name options. Think of a domain name that reflects your product. Avoid using your business registered name but instead use a fictitious or DBA (Doing Business As) name that reflects the goody bag product. Remember the domain name is the name that will be remembered by customers, and it is easier to remember a name that is associated with goody bags.
Locate a webhosting service. Most of the websites that sell domain names also sell web hosting packages. As this is an e-commerce site use a webhosting space that is midsized. Pay on a monthly or yearly basis. Most web hosting companies charge between $5 to $10 a month.
Look through different website templates and e-store templates websites like Website Templates, Stylish Template or Steve's Templates to find one that may be appropriate for your new online goody bag business. Be sure the template has shopping card options. Write the descriptions and content for the goody bag website. Hire a freelance web designer to help you load the website you chose to your domain name.
Promote the website. Create a Facebook and Twitter account and add members and fans. Tweet about your goody bag service and explain why these make nice gifts for friends or business associates. Write articles about your product explaining the benefits and the types of gifts that can be chosen to be a part of the goody bag. Post the information on your website or blog. Create listings on auction websites like eBay Etsy. Place a link to your website in your listing. Place advertisements on bulletin boards like Craigslist or the Bulletin Board. Add your website address to business cards, and letterhead. Leave your business card on restaurant or store bulletin boards so people can find your website. Send out newsletters, and promotionals to customers who do buy from you.
Hire a search engine optimization specialist to help you list your website on a first page in the search engines. Think of search terms people might use to find a website like yours. Write these terms or keywords down and give them to the SEO specialist. Have him help you get a first page listing under those terms or other keywords like gifts, gift bags, goody bags, and others that refer to your particular niche. This way people will find your online goody bag business when looking for those terms.
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How to Start an Online Shoe Store Business

Write a business plan for your online shoe store. Will you sell designer shoes for a local market, or sell athletic shoes for worldwide Nike, Adidas and Puma fans? Interview other successful online shoe retailers for tips on writing your shoe retail business plan. Search the Small Business Administration's website for sample business plans for your online shoe business.
Register a domain name. Your domain name is a piece of internet real estate that your customers will use to shop for shoes. To please the search engines and your customers, reserve a domain name that includes the words 'online shoe store' to maximize SEO opportunities. The price of domain names can range from 99 cents to 10 dollars.
Design your online store and obtain secure hosting. Buy a ready-made template for your shoe store or use a web designer specializing in online retail websites. Ensure that whatever retail website application you choose provides options for sizing, photos of the shoes, available colors and product descriptions for your online shoe customers.
Get state and local business requirements for your online shoe store. A retail shoe store business, whether it is online or free-standing, must have a sales tax license, incorporation from the state and an EIN number. If you buy merchandise with a shoe wholesaler, you will need to provide proof of a retail license, a business account and corporation documents to complete a shoe order.
Obtain your shoe store merchandise through wholesalers and distributors. Look for store closeouts on eBay. Peruse online wholesalers for shoe brands that your ideal customer will purchase online. Contact shoe manufacturers directly to see if they will give you a deal for bulk orders. Start off with 10 sizes for each shoe style to ensure that your customer selection is varied.
Prepare for customer service and shipping requirement for your online shoe store. Create a designated email address for customer complaints and issues. Investigate the prices for drop shipping (where the designer shoes are warehoused instead of storing the merchandise in your home) or use Fed Ex or UPS for standard and overnight shipping requests.
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Friday, August 21, 2015

How Kids Can Make Their Own Website

Research various Web site hosting and design companies to fit your needs. Various sites offer free hosting and design services, while others may charge a nominal fee. A website hosting company will maintain the site on a daily basis to make sure that all links and content operate smoothly. In addition, they will be a resource for the Web site owner to go to if there are any difficulties.
Register your domain name with the hosting and design site you choose. Be sure to have a few names as ideas, as the original one you want may already be taken. A domain name is the actual web address of your site. An example of a domain name/web address would be
Follow the steps of your hosting and design site to develop your own Web site. You will have a choice of various themes, colors and platforms for your site.
Upload various photos, artwork and guestbook information for your users to be able to see on your page. Many sites will have various downloads users can add to their sites for free. These downloads will enable options such as a 'visitors counter,' which will count how many people visit your site, a guestbook for users to sign, and blog or feedback section to allow users to leave comments about your site. Your hosting site will provide you the tools to add these features to your site directly, usually by a simple click of a button or by selecting certain features during the design phase of the site.
Notify your hosting and design company when your page has been finished being designed and is ready to 'go live.' This will activate your page on the Internet and allow users to access it.
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