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Sunday, August 30, 2015

How to Make a Website With VPS (7 Steps)

Choose a name you would like to use as the URL, also called domain name, for your web site. Verify that the name is available by using the free service at Network Solutions.
Open your browser window. Type 'VPS Hosting' into the search bar of your favorite search engine. Research available plans from the VPS providers listed in the search. Determine how many gigabytes of disk space and bandwidth you will require along with how much you would like to spend on hosting per month. Sign up for the hosting plan of your choice and make any required payments.
Research the Internet for any necessary software programs needed to create the web site such as an HTML editor or WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) editor and image editor. Download the programs to your computer.
Create any images including a header, background, banners and buttons that will be used on your website with your image editor.
Open your page editing program. Choose a color scheme that will be used for your site. Add a header image which includes your domain name to the top of your site. Include additional images, text and links in the body. Save your work.
Connect to your VPS by entering your username, password, and IP address into the proper fields of the FTP portion of your web page editor. Upload your web site using the 'Publish' feature. Test your web site by entering the URL into your browsers address window. Check that all links function properly.
Provide your friends and family with a link to your web site. Use social media such as Twitter and Facebook to invite your contacts. Increase traffic to your web site by adding the URL to the footer of your email, leaving comments on other web sites and submitting the link to search engines.
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Thursday, August 27, 2015

How to Upload an HTML Theme From ThemeForest

Download your theme or template from your ThemeForest downloads page. Click on your account name in the upper-right of their Web page. Unzip the file to an easy-to-find location on your hard drive.
Open the theme folder. In most cases, the files you need to edit and upload to your Web space are located in a sub-folder under the theme's name. Locate the 'index.html' file and open it in Notepad or an HTML editor. HTML editors are preferable, as they allow you to view the design of the theme and make changes without knowing HTML. The main value you want to find and change is the page title, and possibly the copyright text. The title is located near the top of the document, between '
' tags. The copyright text is likely located at the very bottom.
Access your Web space using your host's Web control panel, or an FTP program. If your Web space does not put you in the root of your domain by default, you may need to open the 'htdocs' or 'www' folder to access your site root. Refer to your host's documentation for how to find your website folder if needed.
Upload the edited contents of your theme's Web files folder to your website folder by dragging the files from one window to the other, or selecting them in your control panel and clicking 'Upload.' The HTML files must be in the main website folder and not in a sub-folder. For example, your website structure may have an index.html and contact.html in the root folder, and an 'images' sub-folder.
Type your URL into your Web browser to test your webpage. If the files were uploaded to the correct place, you should see your main page, or index.html file. Continue to make changes to the files using your text editor, then upload them to view the updated pages.
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How to Start a Photography Website (7 Steps)

Decide upon the reason for starting a photography website. Evaluate its mission (e.g. to teach about photography, promote your services as a photographer, share your art with the world)
Decide upon a domain name and visit to check its availability. Purchase the domain name. The cost is about forty dollars a year. Choose a web hosting company by assessing the following: amount of web space for content, and advertisements, FTP access needs (this determines whether you can upload your website or use a hosting company's website builder), and reliability and speed. Look for an uptime (time website is live) of 99.5%, according to web designer Hiro Kizuka. Start by visiting web hosting websites such as,, and
Decide on the content and make a blueprint of your pages and content (e.g. 'About the Photographer,' 'Work,' etc.)
Build your website through companies such as or Microsoft Frontpage. Pay particular attention to the 'look' of your website.
Add photos to your site. Make sure you are adding it to the appropriate page.
Create a photo blog to promote and write about your photos. Download Wordpress for free and begin to develop your blogs.
Upload your website using the file manager utility provided by your web hosting company. FTP can be quite sophisticated. For file manager, look under the Control Panel of your web hosting account. Scroll down to the document root directory. It should read public_html. Click on the small folder image located in front of the directory name. Click on the upload files folder. This will allow you to upload files from your system.
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How to Share SVG on Facebook (3 Steps)

Upload the SVG file to a free image hosting website like PostImage, ImageShack or TinyPic. Alternatively, upload it to your own personal web space. Open the uploaded SVG image within the web browser, double-click the mouse in the 'Address Bar,' then right-click and select 'Copy.'
Click the 'Link' button above the Facebook news feed, right-click your mouse in the field and choose 'Paste.' Click the 'Attach' button to attach the link to your post.
Input any status message you want to post alongside the image. Verify that the post is to your liking, then choose 'Share.'
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Wednesday, August 26, 2015

How to Start a Web Hosting Business at Home (5 Steps)

Shop around for a web hosting reseller. There are literally thousands of reseller hosting companies to choose from. A few of the more popular ones include, and Each service offers a series of different packages at different prices ranging from $15 a month to $99 a month. Pay close attention to the disk space and bandwidth provided for each plan, as well as the number of domains you will be permitted to host. These will be the primary limitations to the size of your business.
Purchase your reseller hosting package. Most packages offer both a monthly rate and a discounted yearly rate.
Familiarize yourself with the web hosting management interface. Your reseller account comes with an interface that allows you to create and manage web host accounts for your clients. Ensure you understand the process before you begin selling hosting accounts.
Set up your web hosting sales website. Most reseller accounts offer a number of templates for selling web hosting services. Select a template you like or have one designed for you. Determine the exact services you will be offering and the prices of each web hosting package you intend to sell. Add your sales copy to your web pages and test the billing system.
Advertise your web hosting services by promoting your sales website. Many resellers provide excellent guidance on marketing and advertising. Take advantage of any marketing services they offer.
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How to Make a Free Website With a Free Domain Name

Visit various websites offering free domain names and website design help. Compare the various sites for your needs; many of the free sites offer varying amounts of storage space and all have different design platforms. See Resources.
Choose your domain name. Have several options in mind as the one you want may already be taken.
Register your domain name with the site, and complete all required registration for your web page.
Choose a template and design platform for your website. Your web hosting site will provide you with a variation of designs, colors and themes to choose from. You will not need web design experience for this. Many of the templates are simple to navigate, and you will be able to add text, photos and video easily to the site.
Add all of the text, information, photos and videos you want to your web page. Continue to update it regularly.
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How to Create and Run a Website

Choose a domain name. You can obtain a domain name by choosing a domain registrar company. Create a list of possible domain names, and check the domain registrar's website to see if the domain is available. When you find an available domain, purchase and register it.
Choose a hosting company online. To have an active website, you will need a place to host your content. For smaller hobby sites, you can find free hosting services such as or For serious projects, you should obtain a fee-based hosting plan. Select a plan that provides enough space and bandwidth for your website goals.
Select the type of website you want to build. You can choose from blogs (for personal content), forums (for communities), or static websites (for public content, products, or services). Next, choose a software application specifically created for your website style. There are many free software packages you can use to build your site, such as (for blogs), (for forums), or (for static sites).
Configure your domain name to direct users to your hosted site. Log into your domain name registrar, and click on the 'manage domain' section. Follow the registrar's instructions to point the domain to your hosted site. You should also familiarize yourself with the software application you choose to manage your site, and follow any software-specific instructions when configuring your site online.
Build the content on your site. Most websites contain written articles, pictures, and more. Use the software application you chose to publish content online. Build the content in a logical and organized way, so readers can access your pages with ease.
Promote your site online. Submit your site to the major search engines by manually visiting each one, and following the 'Add URL' instructions. Also visit the popular directories and manually add your website to the appropriate category. Seek out other websites that focus on similar topics and exchange links with the webmasters.
Actively manage your website. This includes duties such as continually building content, adding hyperlinks to pages within your site, optimizing your site for search engines (by building hyperlinks and using proper keywords in your page titles), and repairing broken links. You also need to renew your hosting plan each month, and your domain name annually to keep your site active on the web.
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How to Choose an Email Account for a Business

Determine the amount of money that you are willing to spend. There are three basic types of email accounts you can use: free, Internet-based email accounts, accounts provided by Internet service providers, and email accounts purchased through a domain name and hosting company. Internet based accounts, such as Hotmail and Gmail are free and include ample storage space. Email addresses provided by an ISP do not usually cost any additional money because they are included in the cost of your Internet services. You are, however, limited in the number of ISP email accounts you can set up. While the email accounts that you purchase through a domain name and hosting company are not free, you are not limited in the number that you can purchase.
Consider the image that you want to project. While Internet based email addresses are free and ISP email addresses are provided at no additional charge, you cannot personalize the account as much as you can with an account that you purchase from a hosting company. The domain name for Internet based companies and ISP addresses will remain fixed, such as ',' '' or ',' while if you purchase the account from a hosting company, you can create your own domain name, such as using the name of your business. Purchasing the domain name will project a more professional image of your business because it is customized and does not seem temporary or less than professional, as Internet-based accounts and ISP domains may. Further, some free Internet-based email accounts automatically include advertisements for their products in the body of your email that you cannot delete prior to sending the email, which may reflect negatively on you in the eyes of your customers.
Consider your ability to access the account. All three types can usually be accessed relatively easily, and remotely. The easiest to access are generally the Internet-based email accounts because the only purpose for the site is to provide access to your email. Those purchased from a domain name and hosting site and those provided by your ISP can be accessed by logging into your Internet service account or your domain name or hosting account.
Consider your ability to keep your email account into the future. A free account and an account purchased through a domain name and hosting company can stay with you through the life of a business. If you decide to change your domain name and hosting company, you can still keep the old domain name and email address. If, however, you choose the ISP email account, then you can only keep it as long as you purchase your Internet services though that ISP. This can be problematic if you are no longer satisfied with your Internet services or if you are offered a better deal on the services.
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Tuesday, August 25, 2015

How to Make a Online Inventory System

Make sure you have a domain name set up for your business. Your domain name is the address that people will type into their browser to reach your inventory system. ( domain registrars can charge between $1 and $14 per year.
Obtain web hosting for your online inventory system. Online web hosts are responsible for providing the memory and web-space for the content and traffic for your website. Web host can charge anywhere from three dollars and up per month. If you already have a website for your business, then you already have web hosting.
Determine if you like to use inventory software that has already been created or if you need to hire a programmer to integrate your inventory system into your website. Use sites like and to locate freelance computer programmers to make a custom inventory system for your site. Based on your budget, programmers from around the world will be on your project.
Purchase online inventory software to integrate with your website. For example visual inventory is a software that does not require you to create a website as it will automatically integrate to your web or network server. You will be able to input the type of products you have and customize the software to maintain inventory for either multiple owners, departments, locations, etc. Pricing for various inventory software can be free or you can pay over $5000. Purchasing inventory software is an alternative to hiring a computer programmer.
Make sure you and other colleagues test out the inventory system before going live. Test out the software for glitches and other issues that may need to troubleshoot. You may need to conduct a training session who will be accessing your inventory system to ensure they know what they are doing.
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Monday, August 24, 2015

How to Organize a Craft Show for Fundraising (6 Steps)

Scout out a location and decide on a time. Research churches, community centers and schools. If you are expecting a large turnout, consider renting out a local fairground. The location should be able to hold all the vendors and buyers comfortably without overcrowding. Make sure there is also ample parking. Keep in mind that you might be more successful if you plan your show before a major gift-giving holiday.
Create a vendor application. Ask the vendors to note what items they will be selling. List the fees and how much space the vendors will be able to use. Consider allowing people to sell food to increase the amount of money you will raise. Allow community organizations to attend to let people know about other various events in your area.
Decide on a theme for your fair. If you are planning a more upscale atmosphere, allow only fine arts, such as tasteful photography and paintings. You can also choose a homemade craft fair where vendors must sell original creations such as soap, pottery or candles.
Start talking about your craft fair. Word of mouth spreads, so place an ad in your local newspaper. Provide contact information where vendors can get in touch with you. Approach local craft stores and invite them to participate. Make sure you mention the date and time of the fair, as well as the application and fees.
Advertise. Print and distribute fliers to post in libraries, coffee shops or other stores. If you are educated about website design, create a site with information and directions. Your local television station may also list activities on its site.
Send a letter to the vendors. Confirm the date and time. Instruct vendors where to go when they arrive and remind them of the size of their stand. On the day of the fair, enlist the help of a friend or family member to help direct the vendors and assist them in setting up.
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How to Repair Windows Script Host (7 Steps)

Click the 'Start' menu and choose the 'Run' option. Enter the letters 'CMD' into 'Run' and press 'OK.'
Enter the text 'regsrv3,' followed by a space and the line '%systemroot%.' Immediately after the second % symbol, type in '\system32.' All of this text is the main prefix that you will need to use for each entry.
Type the letters 'vbscript.dll' after the first main prefix line and press the 'Enter' key to enter the first command.
Enter another line of prefix text followed by 'jscript.dll' to make the second command. Make a third command with the main prefix followed by 'dispex.dll' and press 'Enter.'
Type in the fourth command line using the main prefix plus scrobj.dll and press 'Enter.' The fifth command uses the main prefix with the line 'scrrun.dll.'
Add the sixth command line with the main prefix and suffix of 'wshext.dll' and press 'Enter.' Type in the final line with the prefix followed by 'wshom.ocx' and press 'Enter.'
Restart your computer to allow the script additions to take effect.
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How to Make a Free Interactive Website

Find a webhost which offers free websites. Several webhosting companies offer free webhosting services, such as, and Webhosting directories provide information that allows customers to quickly summarize the benefits of some of the web's most popular free websites. The information includes reviews of the sites as well as data about available space on each site, the sites' scripting and whether or not each webhost places their ads on the free websites of clients.
Select a webhost that provides the options that you want and sign up with the webhost. Submit contact information and complete the webhost's security clearance. Sign the agreement and choose an owner username and password.
Select a domain name for the free interactive website. Select a template for the website from the template options that the webhost offers.
Create website files/pages. Map out the site so that the webpages will complete and complement each other. Insert graphics and text on each page. Insert hyperlinks into the pages to create crosslinks between the site's pages, as well as links to other similar sites. Notify owners of other websites that you have created a link to their website and request that they link to your site as well to bring your site more visitors.
Upload the forum tool to your website to allow site visitors to chat with each other, asking questions and providing requested information.
Add the email tool to your website to allow you to send emails using your domain name as your email's domain address and allowing your site's visitors to contact you directly through your website.
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Sunday, August 23, 2015

How to Start a Devotional or Inspirational Website

Secure a domain name for your devotional/inspirational website. A domain name will cost you $10 or less per year. To secure a domain name, visit a domain name registrar, such as GoDaddy, Network Solutions or NetFirms. In order to earn a better search engine ranking, try to incorporate the word 'Devotional' or 'Inspirational' in your domain name. For instance, instead of using the domain name, you can use
Find server space on the web for your devotional/inspirational website. Consider using a blog site for server space. By using blog hosting instead of traditional web hosting, you won't get frustrated with the technical stuff while trying to put your inspirational pieces online. A blog site will also keep your inspirational pieces organized and archived by date. Blog sites you can use are WordPress, TypePad, and SiteGround. You will have to sign up for an account in order to use the blog hosting sites.
Connect the domain name that was purchased in step 1 to your website. This is done during the sign-up process.
Select a template (background) for your devotional/inspirational website. The blog sites that are listed in the step 2 will provide a variety of templates to choose from.
Start adding content to your devotional/inspirational website. To do this, click on the option to create a 'New' article. You will be able to upload inspirational pictures to go along with your devotional content.
Submit the domain name for your devotional/inspirational website to search engines. If you don't your website won't be found by those who are searching for inspirational content. You can use websites such as Submit Express and Free Web Submission to submit your site to numerous search engines at one time.
Post new content on a regular basis. If you are inconsistent, readers are likely to stop visiting your website and move on to another that can deliver consistently.
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Saturday, August 22, 2015

How to Start an Online Goody Bag Business (6 Steps)

Determine the type of goody bag products you are going to sell. Try to specialize within the niche. For instance, you can sell eco-friendly goody bags made from all-natural materials or hand-made gifts and treats. You can specialize in food items, or international gift items. Keep your product line simple and categorize your products according to price.
Analyze domain name options. Think of a domain name that reflects your product. Avoid using your business registered name but instead use a fictitious or DBA (Doing Business As) name that reflects the goody bag product. Remember the domain name is the name that will be remembered by customers, and it is easier to remember a name that is associated with goody bags.
Locate a webhosting service. Most of the websites that sell domain names also sell web hosting packages. As this is an e-commerce site use a webhosting space that is midsized. Pay on a monthly or yearly basis. Most web hosting companies charge between $5 to $10 a month.
Look through different website templates and e-store templates websites like Website Templates, Stylish Template or Steve's Templates to find one that may be appropriate for your new online goody bag business. Be sure the template has shopping card options. Write the descriptions and content for the goody bag website. Hire a freelance web designer to help you load the website you chose to your domain name.
Promote the website. Create a Facebook and Twitter account and add members and fans. Tweet about your goody bag service and explain why these make nice gifts for friends or business associates. Write articles about your product explaining the benefits and the types of gifts that can be chosen to be a part of the goody bag. Post the information on your website or blog. Create listings on auction websites like eBay Etsy. Place a link to your website in your listing. Place advertisements on bulletin boards like Craigslist or the Bulletin Board. Add your website address to business cards, and letterhead. Leave your business card on restaurant or store bulletin boards so people can find your website. Send out newsletters, and promotionals to customers who do buy from you.
Hire a search engine optimization specialist to help you list your website on a first page in the search engines. Think of search terms people might use to find a website like yours. Write these terms or keywords down and give them to the SEO specialist. Have him help you get a first page listing under those terms or other keywords like gifts, gift bags, goody bags, and others that refer to your particular niche. This way people will find your online goody bag business when looking for those terms.
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Friday, August 21, 2015

How to Start a Hosting Company

Raise the start-up capital. Starting a web hosting company requires a significant amount of capital. Estimate the financial cost of launching your web hosting company and evaluate the state of your personal finances. If you do not have access to savings, consider forming a partnership with other investors or taking out bank debt.
Lease office space. Locate a suitable space to house your servers and other equipment. Take into account the need for additional room for other in-house departments, such as customer service or advertising.
Lease or purchase servers. Determine whether to own or lease your servers. The options range from custom-built products by manufacturers such as Dell or Gateway to preconfigured servers. Leasing equipment under a monthly payment plan is an attractive option if you do not have adequate capital.
Select a bandwidth provider. If you purchase your own servers, you will need to locate a bandwidth provider that can run a line to your servers through a router. If you lease your servers, the company that leases the equipment will normally offer you a bandwidth package.
Advertise your hosting solution. In order to be successful, you will need to convince consumers to choose your hosting solution over those of other companies, many of which are more established. You will need to develop a website advertising your services and attract as many visitors as possible. Factors involved in receiving traffic include search engine optimization, online affiliate advertising, advertising in physical media, connecting with social media and listing your site in relevant online directories.
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Thursday, August 20, 2015

How to Create a Classified Website (6 Steps)

Develop a plan. For a classified website, your plan should include the type of classified site you will be running (if it will be specific, such as just for real estate, or generic), the cost structure (how much you will charge for posting ads and for how long), rules for posts (if you want to keep out spam or pornographic materials), and a time frame for launching the site.
Purchase a hosting plan. For a classified site, you will need a hosting package that offers unlimited disk space and a large bandwidth. The hosting should also be affordable and come with the cPanel software already installed. This will make it easier when you are installing the classified script.
Purchase a domain name. Some hosting companies offer free domain registration when you purchase a hosting package. When picking your domain name, try to find a name that represents the name of your website. For instance, if your site is Reality Ads, then your domain name should be, or something close to it. You want your website address to be simple and easy for consumers to find.
Purchase a classified PHP script. There are many good scripts available and this is much easier than trying to code something yourself. You can purchase scripts just for personals, autos, real estate, employment or general. If you aren't quite sure at this point, you can go with a general script, such as webClassifieds or Noah's Classifieds. They offer a good starting point for posting any type of classified ad on the web.
Install the script and launch the site. For most PHP scripts, you will need to load the files onto your web server and then point your browser to the installation file. Make sure you follow the instructions that came with your script before trying to upload and install the file. Some files' permissions may be set before installing. Use the cPanel's File Manager to upload and set permissions to the installation files.
Customize the images and settings on the site. You will need to add your site's logo and name to the settings in the administration area on the site. Also, use the settings to customize the site to look the way you want it to and not like the generic out-of-the-box look that it comes with.
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How to Make Your Own Clothes Website (8 Steps)

Use your company name and pick a domain name that is the name of your website. According to The Site Wizard, it is important to use a name related to clothing or your product so customers can locate you in a search.
Locate a domain registration site. Protect your clothing site's domain name by purchasing a registration from an online site, like, or
Find a web hosting service that meets your needs for a clothing site. Compare host sites at Consider the service's cost, features and storage space. Since you will need several pages to showcase the clothes, make sure the web host offers unlimited disk and data space.
Register with the web host of your choice. Use the drop-down menu and choose 'Business' as the type of site you are creating. The business account allows you to advertise your clothing site. Click on 'Create Account' and enter your personal information.
Complete registration by entering your payment information and creating a user name and password. This allows you to access your clothing website and make changes or updates.
Pick a website template from the list provided by the web host after registering. Choose one that works well for clothing, such as a brightly colored template. Several colors and styles are available. However, if you choose a template, you may change it later if it does not work like you expected.
Click the button provided by the web host that allows you to add text, such as 'Add Paragraph.' Enter the text describing the clothing in this box. To add pictures of the clothes, click 'Add Photograph' and upload the photos. All web hosting sites provide a button to add or remove information in the same general manner. Move the boxes by grabbing the arrow and dragging them.
Review your web pages before publishing your website. Be sure to include 'Home', 'Sales' and 'Contact.' Click the 'Publish' button when you are ready for your clothing website to become active and available for public viewing.
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How to Create Your Own Sports Website (5 Steps)

Come up with a name for your website. Whatever the subject of the website will be, use that word in the name of your website. Be aware, however, that if your site will be about one particular team or team player, laws prohibit you from using the name of a team or player in the name of your website.
Purchase your domain name, which is the same as the name of your website. This can be done at any domain name seller's site. The top-rated domain name seller is
Purchase a hosting plan. This is basically Internet rental space, wherein you'll be paying a hosting provider for the rights to place your website on their servers so that your site will be available to the world.
Build your site. To do this, use a website programming language (html, xml, or xhtml). If you have no knowledge of these languages, use a website building software, such as
Monetize your site by registering with affiliate networks. There's a link to a list of dozens of free affiliate networks in the Resources section below.By using affiliate networks, you can earn commissions by using unique links that the affiliate networks provide you with. When a person visits your site, clicks on one of those links, and makes a purchase, you will earn commission.Depending on the theme of your sports website, you can link to books about sports, sports memorabilia, sports posters, and basketball and football jerseys, among other things.
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How to Send Videos Online (4 Steps)

Go to a website that hosts videos. The site can be like YouTube where it will compress and stream a video (usually poor quality) or a site like File Front that hosts the video for public download (and keeps the same quality as it was recorded in).
Register for the website. You will need to provide some personal information, as well as choose a username and password. If you want more space allowed for your videos or you want higher quality videos shown, you may have to register for a type of premium account where you will have to pay a monthly or yearly fee. This all depends on the hosting site you register for, if it even offers a premium account.
Start uploading. Upload any videos you have on your computer that you want to share with people. The larger the video file, the longer it will take to upload.
Send out the video. Streaming hosts like YouTube will allow you to send the link to people so they can view it on YouTube, or you can embed the video on your own Web page or blog and send that link; they cannot save this video. Downloading sites like File Front will allow you to send the link to the download page for the video, and the receiver will be able to save the video file on their computer.
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How to Build a Spiritual Website

Think of a name for your website. Have it reflect your spiritual or religious beliefs. For instance, if your site will be about Catholic spirituality, use the word 'Catholic' in your website's name. If, on the other hand, your beliefs are nondenominational, or multi-encompassing, consider using the word 'spirit' or synonyms of the word.
Purchase your domain name (see link in 'Resources,' below). Your domain name is the name of your site, and is basically your address in Internet real estate. This is where your site will reside, and what your visitors will type into their address bars when they want to visit your site.
Buy a hosting plan. When you purchase a hosting plan, you are paying a hosting company for space on their servers. By saving your sites on their servers, your website will become available to people all over the world. One of the highest-ranked hosting companies is Host Gator (see link in 'Resources' below).
Build your website. To do this, use your own knowledge of html, xml, and/or xhtml. If you don't know any of these programming languages, you can use a website template software, such as Coffee Cup, which will allow you to build a website quickly, without the need to know programming languages. Alternately, you could use Wordpress (a free blogging application), and purchase a Wordpress theme (see link in Resources) to give your site a professional look within seconds.
Generate revenue after you build a spiritual website by registering with affiliate networks, and finding products or services that are a good fit with your website's topic. In other words, you can link to books about your religion or beliefs, and if your visitors purchase the items, you will receive commission. See Resources below for a link to dozens of free affiliate networks.
Create pages for your site. This will depend entirely on what your beliefs are. Some examples of pages you can create are: history (of the religion or set of beliefs), beliefs, traditions, rules, prayers, songs. If your site is nondenominational, you should include pages about various religions (if any) that contribute to your beliefs. Add pages for spiritual poetry, articles about spiritual people in history (such as Gandhi, Martin Luther, Rumi, etc.). You might also have a page of links to other sites that share your beliefs.
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