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Monday, August 31, 2015

How to Check Ping in 'Minecraft' (7 Steps)

Press 'Windows-X' to open the power user menu, and select 'Command Prompt' from the list. Pinging a server doesn't require administrator access, so you can ping Minecraft servers from any user account on your computer.
Use the ping command, followed by the server's address. An example would look like this:ping example.minecraftserver.comThe ping may take a second or two to complete, at which point the screen will display several reply results from the ping test.
Look for the average time; it should be the last piece of information displayed on the screen. The average represents the most likely ping time for your server latency, measured in milliseconds. While it may not be reflective of your exact latency at any given time while connected, it's a solid measure of what you can expect.
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Sunday, August 30, 2015

How to Make a Website With VPS (7 Steps)

Choose a name you would like to use as the URL, also called domain name, for your web site. Verify that the name is available by using the free service at Network Solutions.
Open your browser window. Type 'VPS Hosting' into the search bar of your favorite search engine. Research available plans from the VPS providers listed in the search. Determine how many gigabytes of disk space and bandwidth you will require along with how much you would like to spend on hosting per month. Sign up for the hosting plan of your choice and make any required payments.
Research the Internet for any necessary software programs needed to create the web site such as an HTML editor or WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) editor and image editor. Download the programs to your computer.
Create any images including a header, background, banners and buttons that will be used on your website with your image editor.
Open your page editing program. Choose a color scheme that will be used for your site. Add a header image which includes your domain name to the top of your site. Include additional images, text and links in the body. Save your work.
Connect to your VPS by entering your username, password, and IP address into the proper fields of the FTP portion of your web page editor. Upload your web site using the 'Publish' feature. Test your web site by entering the URL into your browsers address window. Check that all links function properly.
Provide your friends and family with a link to your web site. Use social media such as Twitter and Facebook to invite your contacts. Increase traffic to your web site by adding the URL to the footer of your email, leaving comments on other web sites and submitting the link to search engines.
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Saturday, August 29, 2015

How to Make a Bulletin Board Website

Login to your account on your website hosting service provider's website. If you do not currently have a website hosting package, sign up for one. Various companies offer economical hosting plans for first-time website developers. North America's largest and most budget-friendly web host is 1and1. Another popular, albeit more expensive host, is Go Daddy (links in the Resources section).
Check that your web hosting package supports the MySQL Internet technology. If not, contact your service provider to upgrade your plan to a package that does support MySQL. All bulletin board software require MySQL databases to operate.
Click the MySQL control panel in your account webpage and create a new MySQL database. Most web hosts provide clear instructions and one-click database creation. If the process is unclear, consult your web host's FAQ or call its support team.
Download bulletin board software. There are various options available to website owners. The largest paid software is vBulletin, while phpBB offers similar features for free (links in the Resources section). Compare the technical features of both programs and select the bulletin board software that best fits your needs and budget. Depending on the speed of your Internet connection, the download process may take several minutes.
Double-click the file you downloaded to extract the contents of the bulletin board software. Click the file that is named 'README.' Follow the detailed instructions to install the bulletin board software on your website.
Upload the bulletin board folder to your web hosting account. Install the bulletin board directory in your home directory. Thus, the bulletin board will be the first page that visitors see when they visit your website domain.
Access the bulletin board's control panel using the administrator account you created during the installation process. Customize the board as you wish, then save all changes. The bulletin board software is now active on your website. Visitors to your page will be able to create a new account, post messages and reply to messages.
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Friday, August 28, 2015

How to Set Up a BBS Internet Server (5 Steps)

Determine what software you will use to manage your BBS. Bulletin boards use special software that manages user accounts and provides the system operator with a wide range of administrative controls. There are many BBS software programs to choose from. Synchronet (see Resources) is a popular open source software that can be used free of charge. Impulse BBS and Ezycom are other options that will allow you to administer your own BBS server. Review the available options to determine which contain the features you require, and which are priced within your budget.
Acquire a server that can be used to host your BBS software. Refer to the minimum system requirements for the software you are using and make sure the server you select will meet or exceed those requirements. You will typically need to have either a Win 32 or Unix-based system to use as a server. This can be either a computer in your home or office, or a dedicated server at a hosting company. A standard web hosting account will not work for most BBS software programs, but you can select a hosting package for a dedicated Unix server and use that to host your BBS software. The dedicated server is necessary because this is the only way most hosts will allow you to install your own software on the server side.
Install the control panel software on your server. WHM and Virtuozzo are the most common control panel programs to use on a server. These will typically already be installed if you have a dedicated hosting package. Having a control panel installed is important, because it will allow you to have remote access to the server.
Install the BBS server. Use the control panel software to access the server. Go to the installation section of the control panel and follow the onscreen prompts to install your BBS software. The software will also be configured during the installation process, allowing you to set the basic features, such as the maximum number of concurrent users and how long a user can remain inactive before being automatically logged out.
Restart the server to complete the installation process.
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Tuesday, August 25, 2015

How to Throw a Last

Send out invites over email or make some phone calls to give people the details. You don't need to send formal invitations in the mail for a last-minute event. Make sure to let guests know your party will be casual and laid back so they will dress accordingly.
Plan your party for later in the afternoon or evening so you won't be obligated to serve a complete meal. Instead, invite guests to join you for some snacks and fun. Or, have a 'desserts only' event and put out platters of cookies, brownies and cupcakes for everyone.
Serve easy-to-eat food for a snack affair like pizza, small finger sandwiches, chicken wings or skewers, mini hotdogs and humus and pita bread. These things don't require seats at a table. Set out the food in a central location and let guests help themselves. You can also opt for prepared platters of appetizers like you can find at your local supermarket like Stop & Shop. Or, take advantage of specials at pizza places that deliver pizza, wings and other finger foods right to your door.
Request that guests bring their favorite appetizer or dessert. This is an easy way to make sure you will have a good mix of food. Have plenty of serving utensils on hand to make it easy for guests to take what they want.
Make a big bowl of punch (with alcohol or without) and a pitcher of lemonade for your guests and suggest people bring anything else they may want. This is an easy and inexpensive way to make sure everyone's needs are met.
Opt for paper plates and napkins and keep your good china put away. This will keep setup to a minimum and also allow you to keep cleanup quick and simple. You can buy party supplies at discount houses like Target and Walmart or online party stores like The Party Warehouse.
Put out plenty of folding chairs around your house and even some big throw cushions so there will be plenty of places where guests can relax.
Play your favorite music in the background to give a more festive atmosphere. For added effect, put out some clusters of balloons, vases of flowers or even light some candles and dim the overhead lights.
Enjoy yourself and don't fuss about details. Remember that people are there to socialize, not to look too closely at your housekeeping or critique your food spread.
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How to Create Race Car Graphics (5 Steps)

Get all the measurements for each graphic you are preparing. Accurately measure each section of the vehicle. Account for any 'contingency' decals required by the sanctioning body the race car will participate in.
Use graphic design software such as Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator or InDesign to create the graphics. Because these software programs require training and familiarity, most race teams hire a graphic designer to create the graphics according to the needs of the sponsor and the team.
If you are obtaining a logo from a sponsor, be sure you have the file in the correct format and large enough to print in the size you need. Vector files are the most common file format but be sure to check with your printer on the required format and minimum size they prefer. This will ensure that your graphics are clear and high quality.
Once the design of the graphics is done, send them to a printer that has the capability to output graphics large enough for your race car. The most cost effective material is vinyl, which also applies easily. Your printed decal will come back sandwiched between sheets of paper to protect both the adhesive backing and the printed side.
Apply the printed decals to your race car. Start with a clean, dry surface. Spray the area with an adhesive fluid, which allows you to position the decal before setting it in. Remove the back of the vinyl, set in place and using your squeegee, press firmly from the center of the graphic outward. Let it dry, saturate the outside of the decal and carefully remove the sheet. Use your Exacto knife to pop any bubble that may appear.
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Thursday, August 20, 2015

How to Create a Video Hosting Website

Purchase a domain name for your website. A domain name is the address your customers will type in to access your site ( Domain registrars typically charge between $1 to more than $14 per year.
Obtain web hosting for your site. A web host maintains various servers that manages the content and your subscribers who will come to your website. Choose a web host that provides a lot of memory for the lowest cost because your videos may require much memory. Web hosts can charge anywhere from $3 to more than $100 a month.
Determine if you would like to provide videos or if you want your subscribers to upload their own videos to your site, like YouTube. Answer this question before you start creating a website because the programming code required for others to upload videos will be different than if you want to upload videos yourself.
Sketch out the content, look and feel of your website using either a piece of paper and/or word processing software. You must know ahead of time what colors you would like to use and your welcome message, along with other information. Use a word processing software, such as Microsoft Word, that can be sent to your web designer.
Hire a freelance web designer to create your website. Hire your freelance web designer from sites like or Web designers from around the world will bid on your project based on your budget. Ensure your web designer has experience with programming codes necessary to upload videos.
Invite friends and family at different times of the day to access your site to view and upload videos to ensure there are no technical issues that need to be resolved before you go live.
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