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Thursday, August 27, 2015

How to Access FTP Client Hosting in GoDaddy

Open your Internet Explorer browser.
Type your domain name into the browser's address bar, using the following format: “”
Press “Enter” on your keyboard.
Enter your GoDaddy FTP username and password. Click “Login.” If you don't remember your FTP username and password, log into the GoDaddy Account Manager portal and reset it (see Resources).
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How to Create a Micro Website

Brainstorm a list of 5 to 10 possible domain names related to the focus of your micro website.
Decide on a domain name from your list. This is the official address of your website, such as A micro website must be tightly focused on one single product or idea, and the domain name should reflect that focus.
Type in the name of your favorite domain registrar into the address bar of your Web browser, and use the registrar's website to search for your favorite potential domain name.
Choose a Web host. Since you are only creating a micro website with one or two pages, you do not need to be concerned with how much space and bandwidth comes with your hosting account. Your main concerns when shopping for a Web host should be uptime guarantee and price. Read reviews of Web hosts on a reliable hosting review site, such as the one listed in the Resources section of this article.
Find out the Web host's domain name servers. Log into the domain registrar's website and follow the online instructions to set up the proper DNS for your new domain name. You will need to put the DNS addresses of your Web host's domain name servers into a form on the registrar's website. This will point your domain name to the Web host's server, where your website's files will be located.
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Wednesday, August 26, 2015

How to Throw The Ultimate Diaper Party (8 Steps)

First thing you need to do is get with the person planning the baby shower. This might be your wife so it is pretty simple. But if it isn't then you need to find out who it is and ask them when and where they are planning it.
If the person throwing the party is doing it at their house then you need to ask them if it is okay if you throw a diaper party in their back yard. If they ask tell them. Make sure they know that you plan to bring alcohol. (If you don't drink then bring other drinks)
Let them know that you are planning on providing Bar B Que for the men to cook while they are out there.
If the person throwing the baby shower has agreed to do this ask them if they can put a note in the invitation about the diaper party and that all men are to bring a bag of diapers.
If the person throwing the baby shower has not agreed to the party and your house is free that is even better because you don't have to take anything any where. Just ask the person throwing the shower to add that into the invitation. In case the person doing it is a real you know what you might end up having to send out your own which a man's invitation is typically just word of mouth so you are fine on that one.
Once you have gotten the place decided you need to figure out it you are going to provide the alcohol or if you are doing **** (Bring your own beer) Probably better if you are doing it at home to provide it for them. If you are doing it at the bar then you should pay for the first round and then everyone else pays for their own.
After you do that you need to tell your wife that you need Bar B Que food. Or if she is the one throwing the shower then you need to give her a break and go get it yourself. You are the master Quer anyway so go do your thing.
After everyone has started to arrive you are on your own. Make sure that you have everything out for them to do. Basketball, football, a radio with the game on or if at all possible you could move the tv to the patio for them to watch the game while they are out there. Just make sure it isn't going to rain.
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Tuesday, August 25, 2015

How to Access cPanel (4 Steps)

Open your browser.
Type 'https://IP Address:2083' in the address bar. Replace 'IP Address' with your website's IP address. If your website is more than a week old, replace 'IP Address' with your site's domain name. Hit 'Enter' to access your cPanel log-in page.
Enter your cPanel user name and password.
Click 'Login.'
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Monday, August 24, 2015

How to Upload Word Files

Access an online file host such as ZohoViewer, MediaFire, YouShare, FileDen or YourFileLink (see Resources). If using FileDen, click the 'Register' link on the menu bar to sign up for a free account.
Click the 'Choose File' or 'Upload' button on the host's page and follow the instructions to select your Word document from your computer.
Click the 'Upload' button to finish adding your document to the host's server. With ZohoViewer, use the drop-down menu to specify how long you want your document available on the server, then click the 'View' button. YouShare does not require this step because your document is automatically uploaded after performing the previous step.
Copy the URL link that automatically displays after the upload process finishes. Using MediaFire and ZohoViewer, click the 'Share' link to get this information.
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Sunday, August 23, 2015

How to Download PPT From authorSTREAM (4 Steps)

Browse to the presentation on authorSTREAM that you want to download. If you know the URL of the presentation, enter it in the address bar of your browser. Alternatively enter a term in the search bar and click 'Search' to find a presentation.
Click the PowerPoint icon next to 'Download' (these icons are just above the presentation). If the icon does not begin your download then you cannot download that file.
Find a PowerPoint presentation that you can download. Enter a term in the search bar and click 'Go'. If the file says 'Download' in the information field then you can download the original PowerPoint PPT file.
Click 'Downloadable' in the 'Search by' list to search specifically for files that you can download.
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How to Add Google Checkout to OpenCart

Open your browser. Type '' into the address bar. Press the 'Enter' key.
Locate your version of OpenCart. Click on the 'Download' link next to your version.
Click on 'Save File' and 'OK' to save the file to your desktop. Wait for the file to download.
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Saturday, August 22, 2015

How to Plan a Red Carpet Event

Decide on the purpose and theme of your event. Are you planning a party to provide entertainment, a charity or fund-raising event to raise money for a cause or are you celebrating a major milestone or accomplishment?
Develop a budget for your red carpet event. This will keep you on track as you come up with your guest list and select a venue, a caterer and d├ęcor.
Make a guest list. This will give you an idea of how many people will attend the event, which you will need to know when you make decisions about your party location and menu.
Visit 5 to 7 locations to find the perfect venue to host your red carpet event. Compare the capacities, the cost and the convenience or uniqueness of the locations, and consider the season for outdoor venues.
Search for vendors. You'll want to get price estimates and menu ideas from at least two different caterers. A red carpet event could include a buffet-style or a sit-down dinner. Decide whether you want to do an open bar or cash bar. Be sure to price appetizers, entrees, cocktails, non-alcoholic beverages and desserts. Find a local photographer to take pictures during your event. Contact a florist and select decorative flowers that complement your party theme.
Create your invitations. You can make your invites at home using a word processing program like Microsoft Word or a design program like Adobe Illustrator or Microsoft Publisher. If you'd rather buy your invitations, visit your local stationery stores and office supply stores to review your options. Be sure to inform guests of directions, date and time of the event, proper attire and instructions on how to RSVP. Send invitations to everyone on your guest list 6 to 8 weeks before the scheduled event.
Visit your local party supply store or superstore to pick up elegant items to decorate your venue. Candles and balloons are popular, but you may find more unusual decorations. Use your imagination.
Don't forget to rent or purchase a red carpet! Check your local party suppliers or do an online search to find sources. To give your event real Hollywood appeal, you may even consider purchasing a step and repeat wall, the large-scale banner printed with media logos that is hung along the red carpet at the venue entrance. You can have banners custom-made with your own party-themed logos.
When you have received all your RSVPs, follow up with your vendors and give them your final count of attendees.
Create an agenda for your event to keep you organized on the big day. Include a schedule of tasks that need to be done before the event, the start time, any special activities during the event, the end time and tasks for the clean-up period, if necessary.
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How to Add Files Folders to an FTP Site

Right-click 'Start' and click 'Explore.' The Windows Explorer window opens.
Type 'ftp: //myftpserveraddress/' in the address bar on the top left of Windows Explorer, replacing the dummy address with the actual FTP address, and press 'Enter.' The 'Log On As' security box appears.
Type in your FTP user name and password, and then click 'Log On.' You should have access to your FTP files and folders on your FTP site. Windows Explorer will display the hosted files and folders on the right pane of Windows Explorer.
Move to the left pane of Windows Explorer. Browse your computer, locate your files and folders, and drag them to the right pane of Windows Explorer. This will upload your files and folders to your hosting site.
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Friday, August 21, 2015

How to Upload Videos on Yahoo

Navigate to Flickr's Home page (see link in Resources). Click 'Sign In' and sign in using your Yahoo ID and password. If you do not have one, click 'Create New Account' and follow the steps.
Click 'Upload' from the navigation bar on the Home screen that will appear.
Click 'Upload photos and video' and navigate to the video on your computer through the file viewer that appears. Click on the icon for the video and click 'Open.' Alternatively, open the file folder containing the video and drag the file icon into the upload screen. The time it takes to upload the video will vary depending on the size of the video.
Fill in details about the video in the Editing 1 Photo panel on the screen that appears. This panel enables you to change the name of the video, add a description of its contents, tag it with keywords, tag the people who appear in the video and change the ownership settings.
Click 'Upload 1 Photo.' A screen will appear verifying the video's privacy settings. If you are content with the settings, click 'Upload.' Otherwise, click 'Cancel' and change the privacy settings in the Editing 1 Photo panel. Once you have chosen the appropriate sharing options, click 'Upload 1 Photo' and click 'Upload.'
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How to Remove Logos in an Address Bar (4 Steps)

Log into your website using the details given to you by your hosting company. By default, you should be logged into the root, or main, folder of the your site.
Look for file called 'favicon.ico' residing in the root folder. This is the icon that browsers need, and its very existence allows it to be displayed in the address bar.
Delete the 'favicon.ico' to stop browsers from displaying it in the address bar.
Replace the favicon with one of your own. Since browsers will still look for the nonexistent favicon, you will notice error logs in your sites usage statistics. Visitors to your site will not see an error, but the absence of a favicon will make the error logs longer and put a small amount of additional strain on the server. If this does not concern you, then you are already done. If you don't want to have logged errors, replace the favicon with one of your own, which can contain an image or simply be blank. You can simply download a blank favicon online (see Resources) and upload into the root folder of your websites, or you can create your own in Paint by making a 16- by 16-pixel image and saving it as 'favicon.ico.'
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